Tales of a Place Untold - The Abandoned Linseed Oil Mills


The Linseed Oil Mills of Sorauren

I stumbled upon this beauty while biking around my local city.


Being an active #actifit user, https://actifit.io/trezzahn ; figured I'd toss a post on here of where my adventures took me and get involved with this community!

Onward, following the fence line and finding a rather creepy but colourful exit vent on the side of the mill, a jolly adventure had introduced itself.


Starting off in the engine room,


the beauty had just begun!


Now, turning around from this picture and continuing, the basement stairs, which I thought would lead up, were approached in the dark.

I came across the stark reality that I had to go further down, and creepily followed...


Shining up the area once I got down, I was in a sub-basement level, possibly the main basement below the mechanical floor:


Eventually, walking aimlessly around this massive room with nothing but my 10m flashlight -which 100% didn't do the trick!- I found stairs up. Finally.


Following these stairs they led up two levels, so I was able to rise past the initial mechanical level that I was on, and reach the second -or first how you look at-, main floor.


I looked to my left and saw a rise,


Had to,


Climbing down; along the side of the wall to the right of that picture,


Continuing forward,


There was beauty in all corners of this floor,


Before heading up, a moment was taken to admire the damage and graffiti to the elevator shaft -


Now, venturing back to those same stairs I took up originally, I continued to the final floor that then led to and ended on -


And the latter room,


From here though, it was noticed that there was light. Natural light and it was gleaming in from somewhere.

Found it.


With this beautifully painted behind,


...time to head up to the final floor!


Getting up there,


The adventure to the top was 1000% worth it.


I really want to do more excursions like this. I used to post hundreds of albums myself. I've been everywhere from abandoned hospitals and universities, to ghost towns and coal mines.

If any of this interests you check me out, from time ago; send me a message and I'll shoot you a private link to dozens of hidden gems from my website!

Thank you @slobberchops for the motivation to start this. Let me know if, being new to this community, I may have posted anything incorrectly.

This community seems friendly enough that I can start some activity on here so I'm going to start posting, not on a regular schedule, but whenever I come across something, additional to my other blogs, @trezzahn, with all blogs connecting to Ecency, Actifit, Hypnochain and StemGeeks for anyone who is interested in psychedelia, scientific method and photography.

Hopefully this post was enjoyable to at least one individual? I love blogging, even if its for myself alone, and I'm going to continue doing so, so minus well get an audience!

Stay safe everyone :)

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It would be best if you don't use STEEM related tags on HIVE, there is a certain enmity between the chains that you may not be aware of. STEEM is a mostly a far eastern blogging platform now with Korean walls of text on Trending, and you might find the English speaking lot a rare sight.


I still don't know why STEEM flourishes as a chain as all the dApps left long ago and they are left with Steemit which is from the 18th century somewhere.

I am presuming you are in the UK with sights like the last one, though where
Sorauren' is beats me. Mills don't grow in the south so it must be north. In any case, it's a pleasant surprise to find some proper Urbex in here.. so long may it continue.


Thank you for the reply, this is exactly what I was hoping for! And thank you! I oddly enough found Hive through Steem haha, so that's great to know in the future.

Surprisingly off there with location estimate though, haha! Try a few ten thousand kilometres west then south of GBR. Take note of my spelling and how I like COLOURS in my pictures. We don't use "U" in "colour" in the states ;)

It truly is amazing where I live, having flourished from the 1670's to 1880's and developed as one of the worlds largest cities throughout, the city itself is leaving behind many old and beautiful abandonments like such, and I plan to continue my explores!

Thank you for the support! Is there some way to directly message you? I checked your site and the contact but it kept feeding me a loop. Would like to ask a question or two and maybe help get involved over here.

Thanks again for the reply!


I was looking at the road style on your last snap and thinking, 'that doesn't look like the UK' and yet the rest of it does. Trespass has different laws over there so do be careful.

We can do what we like here and be safe knowing we are just inside the law.

You can get me on Discord at Slobberchops#1555. Discord is a bit crap at DM's so let me know if you can't find me. The Contact Me on the 'Tales' website is bust, I need to hassle @dizzydiscovery about it.