HypnoFridays! Week 1:


A Night to Yourself!

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Hello! And welcome, to Trezzahn's HypnoFriday's!

As part of a new weekly activity I am beginning a continuous blog on Friday's, posting up some fun things for anyone else celebrating a hypnotic Friday to do, just like me, as well as some useful information related to!

@darkflame gave me this idea with his pizza nights and I am hoping we could perhaps do something similar to this once a week here with hypno tokens! Or perhaps another coin! Comment ideas and opinions!

Now, on with the night!

Starting Off

Personally, I plan out my microdoses of psilocybin daily. Once a week, Friday's, I celebrate the end of the week with a now named "hypno day" and have a larger nighttime dose to allow me to enter deep thought; to do research; to discover.

I enjoy these days, as I would wish everyone else who follows these and doses could do the same. But there are three major things to plan out before this day:

  • Your environment
  • Your surrounding people, if any, and
  • Your goal that you wish to attain from a dose of this size

One must, going into their day, - and remember, this day, night, evening, whatever; is for YOU -, dose correctly according to strain, strength, potency, and tolerance.

For example:

2g dried of potent P. Cyanescens would produce a much more thought-provoking trip than that of the visual distortions one would perceive after consuming 3.5g of P. Cub. Golden Mammoths.

Further, Psilocybin, Psilocin, and Baeocystin are very different in that they produce different effects on the mind and body.

Screenshot_20210922-151331_Acrobat for Samsung.jpg

With each strain differing in content, it is important to compare these effects and the tolerance of the user to their total body weight as well.

Generally, the agreed upon dosage for body weight is 0.25mg/1kg for an average dose, 0.5mg/1kg for a high dose, and 1mg/1kg for a heroic/extreme dose.

Once one is familiar with the different mushroom strains, -and there are many (hence not going through all them on here), - one can then compare potency and effects among a base strain that they choose to start with, and dose accordingly in the future based on that of the below chart and above weight dosage calculations.


Based on this, one can come to a general understanding of what dose and what strain

they wish to consume; and when and where they wish to do so!

Now that you have a general basis of where to start, let us begin with HypnoFriday!

We're gonna start with consuming dry mushroom. Next week, we'll look at mushroom tea - a much more body-focused trip in my experience. You can take your dose now.


For the first 30 or 40 so odd minutes you will begin to periodically feel waves come over you. Waves of motion and slight moving while things begin to unravel in your mind.

Take this time to go for a short walk and take in your surroundings. Bask in the evening sun or enjoy a pleasant stroll through the park. Keeping your body moving helps with metabolism of the psilocybin and psilocin so sometimes walking can even make effects come on quicker and stronger.

Now that we're back and starting to have some feelings we'll start the night!

First, let's begin by throwing on some tunes while I chit chat.

We'll start here:

Mr. Suicide Sheep has an amazing collection of trip and dosing music and almost all of his postings are songs of just pure perfection.

Liquid EDM is my go-to for listening music when I take psilocybin. Most drum and bass styles of music go well during a dose, and this feeling during a come-up is what we'll examine next.

Okay, done with that one?
Throw on this;

I won't bother you on this one. Focus on this video and let the emotions flow through you. Let the visuals and beauty of the music video guide you through the beginning of your trip.

One last song before we change the pace:

Focus on this video, trust me, it's worth it. I personally call this perfection and am absolutely in love with this style.

Next, we switch it up a bit.

I bet your body is wanting to move around;

Throw this on and figure out what you feel like this trip. I find preparing the environment for a trip is important, but having fun figuring out what to do during is just as.

Maybe you want to focus on a thought and fix a situation; or maybe do some artwork and adventure into your mind.

Let us begin!

Start by throwing on a playlist for you to listen to!


If you have a seperate audio system, throw this on one screen seperate from audio:

Now that we're all set up, let's look at something that might strike us an interest or an idea.


Try checking out opensea.io !

Gone through there? What about https://nftshowroom.com/get-started ?

Plenty of works and ideas floating around to make money; maybe that be a good idea and outcome of this trip.

Let's draw! Maybe paint! If you don't have any lead or acrylics, or just any paint in general, plan for next Friday!

Down for some trippy artwork? NFTS?
Enjoy https://ecency.com/hive-158694/@chronocrypto/grandaddy-purp-bugbear-mystic

And these fractals, https://ecency.com/hive-158694/@paradigmprospect/mandala-monday-or-28-circuit-breaker

Want to check out some more of this style?
@alienarthive (frontpage)
#alienarthive (tagged) or https://ecency.com/@alienarthive/blog directly. I like to keep up with some artwork here.

I've also started following Tom Napp's curative collections at https://unsplash.com/collections/11652504/psychedelic-patterns

One may enjoy these while dosed as I have.

Want to enjoy some more fractals? I found this beauty,


Courtesy of @motionkapture777,
https://ecency.com/hive-118554/@motionkapture777/new-fractal-free-download ;

I also sometimes use a great apk to make my own fractals!


Write down ideas. Write down thoughts. Make a trip journal, as I have, to read about previous journeys that you can reminesce on! Good or bad!

If your mind garners you, note what you can do your next trip if you come up with ideas this one. This extra motivation and positive outcome ensures each trip is looked at positively and negative days or "bad trips" won't occur.

Further, in the mood to chill at this point? PsychedSubstance does some great podcasts, his most recent posted discusses a broad range of psychedelic topics. I love listening to discussions while dosing. You can find that here:

Onward; in the mood to discover something new? A new game or a new dapp? Check out https://www.stateofthedapps.com/ , there are many unique dapps that get added to this list consistently. I enjoy checking this when bored, but find it more fun when I have dosed!

By this point you could be halfway through your dose, about 2 hours. This is usually the "relaxing" part of the trip.

Looking for some interesting ways to generate passive income from a simple download? Give "pi" a try, https://minepi.com/ a new crypto-token that is soon to become a networked coin! Very interesting work being done here!


Photo courtesy of https://www.publish0x.com/earning-crypto-with-no-cost/the-pi-network-xxpypm

By now you should be starting to come down or at least feeling the relaxant effects of the

psilocybin as your body begins to netabolize the remainder. While every person may be different, I have provided approximately 3-4hrs of topics, ideas, links, videos, pictures and more to hopefully keep one satisfied for at least part of their trip.

Hopefully this has been as enjoyable a night for you as it will be for me - going along with my own trip - by the end of it!

I wish you the very best and implore you to post up some cool finds, images of fractals, or anything else hyonotic right on up here in the comments and I will for sure periodically looking through them. Maybe get a conversation started?

For now I say, safe journeys through the mind and stay safe! Enjoy your night as I will enjoy mine, and welcome to...

Trezzahn's HypnoFridays!

Thanks for tuning in!

  • Trezzahn

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Hi Bro !! nice Post :) and thanks for share my fractal <3 I am also doing a lot of experiments with microdoses ... I think it is very healthy


Thank you for your reply! I'm glad to have found it! I found it very fun to make some own drawings from your fractal, hah!

Thanks a ton for the follow :)


I'm glad!! it's nice to be able to inspire other works ... when ideas become a flow is great :) anyway it is done with mandelbulber is a free software if you like fractals you have to download it is very funny


Cool, how often do you microdose??

I am currently microdosing with truffles and I am working my way up to take 1g every monday and every thursday :D


Hey there! Hopefully you've been well and safe!

I take 0.65g ground up and then encapsulated p. Azurescens with two other encapsulations of natural mushroom every morning with other natural supplements.

  • The first containing "Chaga", "Maitake", "Shitake", "Turkey Tail", and "Oyster" mushroom;
  • The latter containing "Enoki", "Reishi", "Agaricus Blazie", and finally "Cordyceps Sinesis (10%) -mycelium-" mushroom.

I usually dose, -"per sé-, between 2g-5g of p.cub - golden mammoths -/ p.cub - penis envy - two to three additional times per week - regularly being on Friday's; another once a week for personal reflection, and last, one to two other days for adventures!

I've also dosed every day for 4 years so I do believe I may have a possible tolerance, but starting off small when you feel ready as per the way you are doing, is definitely the right way to go!

Stick around @juancho10 ! I look forward to engaging with you and hopefully others in the future - see you next week! 🥸🪄 🍄


Holy shit, you know your stuff haha! :D

Seems like you take a lot though, but it sounds like an awesome combo from what I understood :p

I am just getting started, so ye I am taking it slowly, thanks! :D


I've done some research over the past few years - especially with CoVid, haha! But yes to some it may seem like a lot but in actuality is about "11-14g a week; 2 ounces a month.

The combo however has helped me with so many personal problems however, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have had psilocybin and the study of fungi in general, introduced into my life.

Mushrooms are truly a magical supplement of the nature around us :)