<What's In Our Mail> New Akira Manga Box Set!~


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, Hubby received something super cool in the mail. He ordered an Akira manga box set and it has finally arrived. He is a massive anime fan so have been catching up on the recent ones he missed and have also started getting back to manga. While browsing through Amazon, he found that the Akira manga set had a 60% discount and without any hesitation, he ordered it straight away.

When it arrived, I was having a meeting and it was so heavy I just left it outside the door, I couldn't even move it into the house. When he came home from the office, he opened it and oh my, this box of manga was so worth the price. Amazon used 3 boxes to protect the set in case it does get damaged so I guess to them it is a premium product although it is on discount.

It is the 35th-anniversary box set from 1982 to 2017. Pretty neat I would say. We haven't opened it yet. Hubby was deciding if he should keep it as a collector's item or rip it open and see what it looked like inside and start rereading it. What do you all think?

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