Visiting Taronga Zoo COVID After Lockdown (End)


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Let’s continue with our day out to Taronga Zoo. After lunch we decided to check out the seal show but we had a bit more time so we thought to check out some side things a long the way. The seal show is quite popular and it screens 2-3 times a day during school holidays. The kids missed out last year when we were at the zoo as it was full so we want to make sure we can catch it this time. Due to the reduced number allowed to be in the zoo this time round, we were able to get in and got some really good seats right next to the seals. The boys listened carefully and made sure to give huge claps for the seals. The show was aimed to the more educational side so there were less tricks compared to the shows at SeaWorld at the Gold Coast.

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We don’t have much time left so I asked the kids to pick and choose what they wanted to see before we take the sky safari back to the car. They wanted to see the tigers so we made our way there. On the way, we saw a bear but he had really slow movements and the kids thought he was boring to watch. We continued on and maybe because of the great weather, the tigers were out in full force. They were walking about the whole area and all of them were either playing or some staying in the shade resting. The tigers although was on the other side of the glass, I was pretty scared to even get close to it, not sure why they do look very fierce. Could be the heat and the amount of people/noise in that area.





As we left the tiger building, there was a supermarket setup to allow visitors to choose their favourite supermarket to donate money to the zoo. Not sure how it worked but the kids managed to put a few things in got some donations for the zoo. By that time, it was 2.45pm and we had to quickly walk to the sky safari to make our way up back to the car. If we miss it, we will have to walk up hill to the zoo entrance and that wouldn’t be nice in this heat. We made it with 8 minutes to spare and was surprised that the line to go back up hill was pretty short. Before COVID, it would be like a 30 minutes wait just to get on. The sky safari is included with the ticket so if you don’t want to walk uphill back to the main entrance, I highly recommend you take this.

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Just before we exit, we had to walk around the gift store. The kids loved the hanging soft toys but I said no as we have too many things at home. I can just imagine the kids tossing it aside and will forget about it just like the other 1000 toys we have at home. So the only way to not cause any tears would be taking a picture so everyone is happy. It was really a lovely day out with the boys. At the moment it is the best time to visit the zoo due to the restricted number of users who can enter at one time meaning less crowds, less lines and chances of you going to see the seal show. Food areas are also less crowded. Combined with the outdoor area, you will feel a bit safer in all aspects which is why it is the best time go now. If you are like and can go twice a year, it is really worth to join Zoo Friends so the kids can visit the zoo multiple times.

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Beautiful photos! I went to Taronga Zoo many moons ago! I miss Australian animals. I am glad that you enjoyed the zoo on the nice day.