Traveling the World #352 - Nintendo Store @ Tokyo, Japan


Hi Everyone,

Why is this a must visit in Japan? Because you don’t get them anywhere else in the world and if you are a Nintendo fan, this place is not to be missed. The Tokyo store is located in the Parco building in Shibuya, with the whole floor dedicated to anime and gaming fans from different company/publishers.

As we stepped off the escalator, we were immediately welcomed by an enormous statue of Mario in his classic "Let's-a-go!" pose. Going past him was a full store of all things Nintendo, making us feel like we have stepped inside a Nintendo world.

The amount of merchandise is pretty impressive. They have everything from the latest game releases and limited-edition items to character-themed merchandises. Touchscreen displays provided information about upcoming releases, demos of new games, and they even had multiplayer stations set up.

Characters like from animal crossing, Kirby, Zelda and more are all available in their own designated area. The huge displays of each character was so cool, something you can only see and experience in Japan. No surprise, we all went seperate ways and started looking for our favourite character. Items were not cheap and there is no tax free if you were wondering. Even though prices were expensive, I wouldn’t spending extra here to get things you can’t get anywhere else as they are exclusive available at the store.

We were lucky to get into this store without any issues as the one in Osaka (the newest one opened in Japan) you would need to get a ticket with a designated time to go in as they are trying to limit the store from getting too crowded. We have been to both stores and I feel the Osaka store was better stocked with merchandise than in Tokyo, mainly because I think Osaka is a new store plus slightly less customers than Tokyo in terms of numbers.

Once you are done with that store, go and visit all the surrounding stores like the Pokemon store (best one we’ve been to imo) and other anime stores. With the whole family into anime and gaming, we could literally spend half a day just on this level at Parco and be broke afterwards.

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I remember Nintendo when I was a kid. I like playing Super Mario. Hehe
How I wish I could visit that store.