Traveling the World #227 - Berrima School Yard Market @ Berrima, Australia


Hi Everyone,

Every time we travel outside of Sydney, I try to look for weekend markets as I find ones that are outside of larger cities have the best variety of stores. There are all sorts of handmade gifts, jams, local delicacies etc therefore it’s been a small tradition we try to do. This time going to Bowral, we decided to check out Berrima School Yard Market which was only 10 minutes drive from our accommodation. This market is only available once a month so I’m hoping we will find some goodies when we get there.

It was located in a small town but there was just a huge amount of crowd turning up so most of us would park on this massive field a few minutes walk from the market. The market is held in the local school so there were many people supporting the stores. There was a very nice hot chocolate stand which I have introduced previously around 2 weeks ago but overall the market has lots of variety of stores including dried meat, jewellery, clothing, books, toys and so on.

Apart from the above, there were a few food stores including Japanese, donuts, small cafe stand so people can buy a quick snack while browsing through the stores. Due to the rain the night before, part of the school was pretty muddy so it would have been perfect if it wasn’t so wet.

We ended up getting some salami to eat on the way, some hot chocolate and two shirts of the boys from a very cute vintage-style store. I find this market less commercialised compared to the ones in the big cities which is one of the main reasons I love markets in small towns or countryside.

There were a number of entrances but they all end up around the market. There are toilets in case it's needed for long car rides, a small kids playground to let that energy out and free parking around the school or up the road, a few minutes walk on the large field I mentioned earlier. Lovely market to visit if you are in the Bowral area for the weekend.

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a place like this is indeed very appropriate if we visit on the weekend, especially if we go with the closest people such as family or friends to buy something at a street market like that. @travelgirl 😁👍