Taiwan's Xing Fu Tang in Sydney (幸福堂)


Hi Everyone,

There are so many types of brands in Sydney and I have to admit, I've lost count. Many famous branded ones from Hong Kong or Taiwan have bought their brand here in Australia and a recent one I've tried was Taiwan's Xing Fu Tang (幸福堂). I've seen the drinks from this place in Taiwan from some variety show and was pretty excited to finally try it out. During the show, I remember seeing people lining up for these bubble tea and the main attraction of this brand is the bubbles would be cooked with brown sugar for a long time compared to other brands it gets cooked quickly with minimal flavour.

So we ordered a Rose Oolong Milk tea & a signature brown sugar boba milk tea both in cold. As you can see from the picture, there is definitely no line here in Sydney for this drink on a weekend but we still wanted to try it. Our drinks were made very quickly and without disappointment the signature brown sugar boba milk tea was really delicious. The bubbles was the first thing we noticed, it does taste very different and had a strong flavour of brown sugar. The only thing we didn't like too much as there was a lot of milk, too milky for our liking. On the other hand, the rose oolong was average, too sweet and very little oolong taste. I guess compared to the signature drink, this one is the next step down.

Overall the best part of the drinks here are the pearls. I can just imagine myself eating them as desserts each week. I'm glad we are getting some nice bubble tea brands in Sydney with less opportunities to fly now, at least this will give us something nice to look forward to when we plan for our next trip overseas.

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