Small Improvement Creating A Better Reading Environment For The Kids

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As many of you may know, we've got a few bookcases in our lounge room shared in previous posts but I always wanted to move the kid's books outside too as I noticed they never go inside their room apart from going to sleep. Their bookshelf was bought when BB E was a pre schooler so it wasn't huge, just enough for him to grab his books which was the right height for him. So looking around the lounge, the only open space is the small one next to my desk where we currently have the telescope and the 2 Japanese Muji chairs (they are great!). So I decided to move the telescope to the kid's room and move their bookshelf out and put it in that narrow gap.


IMG_7174 2.JPG


After some cleaning the area, finally swapped the two pieces of furniture and it looked pretty good. The telescope fitted right in the small space next to the tall lamp in the kids room and the bookcase just slotted right in that space and doesn't look crammed at all. From the picture below, there were all sorts of baby books and it looked pretty messy. So I took the opportunity to clean it all out and left the books which is more age appropriate and added some new kids chapter books for BB E.


IMG_7178 (1).JPG


So after the tidy up and sorting the books, now it looks pretty neat. We left the Muji seats there so its like a reading nook for the kids as they can read next to me while I'm on the computer. I hope it also encourages them to read a wider range of booke rather than their comics or Pokemon chapter books. The kids came home today after holiday camp and loved the new area. BB E already tested it tonight and loved the set up. The plan is to get a bigger and taller bookshelf so we can start filling it up with their boxsets which is still sitting on my bookshelf behind my desk. They love these book sets and they will probably read them over again like what I used to do with my favourite novels.

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This is really great. Children should always be encouraged to read. Readers are said to be leaders.

Thanks for sharing.