Food Sharing #288 - Sushi Counter @ Crows Nest, Australia


Hi Everyone,

Work has been super busy and I have been glued to my desk for many days so I thought I’ll go and get a quick lunch so I can get some fresh air. I was craving some Japanese food so I went to the Sushi Counter as the last time we visited was pretty good. I arrived after the lunch rush so I was looked after very quickly and the restaurant wasn’t too crowded.

There was a lunch menu that was somewhat reasonably priced considering everything seemed to be on the expensive side due to inflation. I ordered the sashimi set and didn’t opt to add any extra which can be an option if you wanted a little something more. Normally this meal is enough for me as I don’t normally have heavy lunches.

The food came quickly as the restaurant was pretty empty and I quickly finished it to go back to work. The sashimi was very fresh, paired with the salad and rice, it's a nice comfort combo. I love the dumpling in soup but I rather have the miso soup so I would leave the dumpling soup. Feel like a waste but just too many liquid/soupy dishes for lunch fills me up.

I do have to say although the prices of the set menu didn’t go up, I do feel like they have reduced the size of the salad and soup. The sashimi was a small cut, I guess they didn’t want to put up the price so customers won’t come back so often. Overall Sushi Counter is still a nice little place to satisfy any Japanese meal cravings. Best to come before or after the lunch hour to get quick service and have your meals served in a timely manner.

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