Food Sharing #283 - Japan City @ Top Ryde, Australia


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We rarely go to Top Ryde as hubby thinks it's not that great of a shopping area but we were there a couple of weeks ago to get the kid’s hair cut. They have a really good kids hairdresser there so we thought to make a quick visit after school. Unfortunately, the haircut place was closed but we still got the haircut we wanted elsewhere which wasn’t too bad. Top Ryde had a nice small eat strip which we have been to before but today our kids wanted to try out Japan City on the top floor. We have tried the one at Chatswood but it was not great considering the meals were very expensive. But we thought to give this branch a try. It was late shopping night so the place was pretty busy, we were lucky to get a table sitting outside which we prefer.

Here is the menu. We ordered two kids meals , one in rice form and the other with udon. I ordered a bento for myself, hubby wanted a salad, a side of tempura prawns and a matcha and hojicha milk. We had to order inside and each table will have an order once you have paid for the meal. Everything is self-serve except the dishes which they will deliver to your table. We were extra hungry so were hoping the food would come quickly.

Luckily it did and the kid’s meal came first. For the price of $6.90, the kids meal were pretty decent. We kind of knew the size of the meal from the picture so after finishing the side of tempura prawns, they were truly full and loved the meal. Hubby’s salad was ok, wasn’t too exciting and my bento box was delicious. It had a bit of everything and I love that the serving was much bigger than the Chatswood branch with decent quality food and not to mention the cheaper price.

The highlight would have to be the drinks, they were super yummy! Normally I would order the hojicha flavour drinks which I see it but I would have to say that the green tea flavour was pretty close and equal first, I really don’t mind having both flavours. Highly recommend this Japan City branch if you are in the Top Ryde area.

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Never did I eat Japan food, hello bucket list 😂