Cotton Harlequin Bug

Today I am back with some macro shots of a beautiful insect called cotton harlequin bug. Tectocoris diophthalmus is its scientific name and its size was about 6mm.

I discovered it in a garden sitting on a leaf of a plant. When i saw it i decided to photograph it. Its body was colourful and it was looking attractive.

I approached it carefully and tried to take some macro shots of it. It was moving all over the leaf and I was struggling to get some clear shots.

But after some effort i managed to get some decent shots of it from different angles. It has beautiful colour combination on its body. I captured it with my mobile's macro lens.

This was my first time i photographed this insect. Its body structure is similar to jewel bugs.
After clicking it i searched about it on Google lens to find out its name. Then i did some editing to its pictures with the help of a software to make them more attractive...