The Language of Money

Picture that you're in a restaurant with a few friends.
And you're getting ready to order something.

This is a new restaurant.
So the menu looks a little fuzzy.
Everything sounds good!
Choices choices.

Eventually, you decide on your order.
Your friends decide on theirs.
And now the waitress comes & takes the orders.

After 20 minutes or so, the food is arriving.
Everything smell's good.

The waitress is individually giving everyone their plates.
And you look along eagerly waiting for your dish.

By the time all the dishes come, you make a sad realization.
"And what's that?"
You didn't get as much food as them.

Your friends ordered the dishes that gave a lot of food.
But your dish?

You're able to swallow this one though.
It's because everyone ordered DIFFERENT dishes.

But imagine if everyone ordered the same dish...

Everyone got a LOT of food. But you got little.
How would you feel?

"I would feel livid!"
"It's because it's not fair. I ordered the same dish. How come mine is so little?"

Truly feel that level of anger.
That's the anger we feel when we feel like something unfair happened.

This is a tricky situation to be in, no?
Because what is fair & what is unfair?

If we are using ourselves as a competent to measure fair/unfair,
IMMEDIATELY we introduce the gray world of humans.
Things get tricky.

This can get even trickier as society scales.
Therefore, it's imperative that we have UNITS that allow us to circumnavigate this unfair issue.

This is how language really comes to be.
An agreement that allows us to comprehend messages.

And that's what money comes down to.
An agreement.

If someone were to ask you, can you explain money to me? And your explanation NEEDS to include an analogy….
Would you be able to do it?

I can do it with an old man and a hooker.
"Lol forreal?"
Let me illustrate money being an agreement with the following analogy.

Paul has been married to his high school sweetheart for 20 years.
He is in his 50s, has kids & is ready to keep his life the way it is.

Until suddenly, his wife divorces him & leaves him for a younger man.
His kids are now in college.
Suddenly, Paul is lonely.

Months go by...
Paul is sad.
And to make Paul even more sad, he hasn't gotten laid in a hot minute.
He's starting to get desperate.

It just so happens that one of Paul's friend is also divorced & is aware of hookers around the area.
He gives Paul a connection.

Now Paul is about to call on the hooker & get a deal going.
How can they momentarily speak the same language?

- Paul wants sex.
- The hooker wants money.

Sex is the perceived valuable service.
And money serves as that AGREEMENT to make the transaction occur.

To understand the depth of this example, hypothetically picture that Paul and this hooker were introduced in different circumstances.

Let's say they go to a networking event or the mall.
The hooker is in her mid 20s.
Paul is in his mid 50s.

What other commonalities do they have?
Other than speaking English, what other languages can they speak in order to connect?

Football, music, hobbies??
What else is there?

When we start to look at it like this, the concept of money allowed 2 VERY different personalities to temporarily make a connection.

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So yes, money is an agreement.

Even though the example was a bit bizarre,
I like the agreement example.

I worked with a client a few months back who said that he needed to find the fine balance between giving & taking.
His problem was that his leadership style kept leading others to become lazy.
Others were treating him like a doormat.

That's because his leadership style was in terms of the GIVER rather than the person who conducts AGREEMENTS.
"What's the difference?"
Agreements also place importance on US as well.

Too much emphasis is placed on giving while not much is enforced on taking.
Humans like to be taken from too...
as counterproductive as it sounds.

It's our material nature to take as well.
No shame in the game.
That's why consumption is even a thing.
Even our body naturally gets hungry.

Conducting agreements not only gets you to place some damn importance on yourself, but it also prevents you from being a scumbag.

This mindset allows us to become more narrative focused as well.
Every human has a narrative & perception that leads to their behavior.
When we focus on agreements, we can view my hooker example from a different light.

Because if you've been paying attention...
I said that money is an agreement.
Paul got his sex.
The hooker, Stacy, got her money.
"Ah...she has a name."
Yes, she has a name... The analogy is now going from 2D -> 3D.
Is Stacy ONLY looking for money?

What is Stacy using that money for?
To pay rent.
To buy food..
To survive...

We initially saw money... but when we delve deeper, we are able to view the money from the context of HER experience.
Through the context of her narrative mind...

Hopefully, you see what I am trying to say.
This is why I've said that anything becomes a communication when we view it from the right perspective.

Making communication the centerpiece of a business allows us to conduct ethical business practices while we win as well.

Money was never the root of all evil.
Lack of money is the root of all evil.

But what is even more sad is the lack of knowledge, the lack of perception, and the lack of language regarding money...
That is the worst of them all.

View the world through the elegant lens of communication, and random occurrences of the world suddenly begin to make much more sense.


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