The Concept of The Victim vs The Victor


Due to the limitations of the senses, we need to be observant through analogies.

There is a NASA physicist who coined the phrase 'process fractals.'
Basically the same process is replicated in multiple fields.

With a grasp of process fractals, a lot of phenomena in the world can cleanly be explained.

One is the concept of the victim vs the victor.

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Before talking about the victim vs the victor, let's talk a bit about Newtonian Physics vs Quantum Physics.

No need to get technical.

Overall, for physics...
The world of objects that work so clean with Newtonian models...
Does not always work in the EXTREMELY tiny model. The Quantum version.

Why the disparity?
How come what works with Macro does not work with Micro?
This is a great question in the world of physics.

Before discussing the victim vs victor, let's do one more analogy.
So everything makes sense.

Traditional Media vs New Media.
I've used this example before.
But it's important to repeat.

Traditional media is more centralized.
- Radio, Newspaper & TV.
New Media is more decentralized.
- Anything on the internet.

Concepts which plug in BEAUTIFULLY with traditional media often is not applicable to new media.

One example is radio vs podcast.

A lot of us had that moment when we were vibing to a great song on the radio.
But when we went past a distance, the song stopped playing.
It started to have a lot of static.

That's because we went past the CENTRALIZED radio station.
This problem does not exist with podcasts.
No matter where you go, podcasts can always be listened to with an internet connection.

The analogy in this case is....
Traditional media represents Newtonian.
New media represents Quantum.

Now the whole concept of victim vs victor can be understood.

On a macro scale, aka society, a victim mindset is an asset.
- A victor mindset is a liability.

One the micro scale, aka human life, a victim mindset is a liability.
- A victor mindset is an asset.

So why the confusion?
Because we are applying macro laws in a micro world & vice versa.

Why are victims an asset on a macro level society?
It's because they are easier to control.

When multiple variables in a system have similarities, then it's easier to maneuver and play around with.
This applies in systems theory.
This applies in politics.

When there are TOO many outliers, this isn't too good for the owners (people of power) of a macro system.
The more similar humans there are, the easier they are too maneuver.

On the flipside, too many victors, ask questions.

This can become a nuisance.
Especially for a large system that is trying to move the pieces at will.
They aren't trying to answer the questions of individual nodes.

Now in terms of life, being a victim is one of the worst things out there.
It's the mindset of someone who refuses to take any form of accountability, and finger points.

A mindset of the victor, is capable of dealing with the bumps of the macro system, and builds more internal knowledge to rise above anyway.

The problem is that we are often finding it difficult to integrate both worlds.

"Is it ever okay to become a victim?"
Depending on your level of power, you will understand when you want a victim.

Example is.... let's say you're a seasoned entrepreneur.
You know EXACTLY what you want for a project.
So you hire someone.

It's not that you want that person to be a victim.
However, you want that person to follow YOUR request.
You have the experience, you know what is best for the project & you want to get the job done asap.

If they are disagreeable and combative, this makes your role as the entrepreneur much more difficult.

Sure, you can talk with them and leverage your communication skills.

But in this case, it would be much more advantageous to have had a worker who was agreeable and followed orders, because you have dealt with this particular issue in your business SO many times before.

I'm not saying that to condone victimhood.
Just understand, depending on your level of power, when you want someone more agreeable.

The overall lesson we need to understand is that laws on a micro level do not always work on a macro level.

This is why it's important to understand your role in the BIGGER system & also understand your role in terms of life.

The truth of the matter is that everyone should strive to be a victor in their own life.

What is the purpose of life really?

It's to grow & rise.
How we grow & rise is up to us.

However, there will always be players in the overall game who do not grow & rise.
They will be using the macro laws on a micro level.
They will be adopting a victim mindset in their life.
Which is why they become toxic.

This is actually an assumption to make off the bat.
This is a reason why the Pareto Principle exists.
In all parts of the world.... once we have the data, few show the most results.

This post is for the individuals who want to be a victor on a micro level, their life.

By becoming a victor on a micro level, they are able to think in different ways.
They are able to think in ways OUTSIDE of the traditional system.

I forgot who said it...
But someone once said, you don't try to keep fixing a complex system, your goal is to build a new solution entirely.
And invite people to that.

This post is an example of that.

There are already tons of forces in the mainstream media who have spent decades building resources, allies, and buddies to make certain narratives occur.
To promote victimhood.

To try to fix a system like that will take plenty of lifetimes.

It is more strategic, in my opinion, to build a new system entirely.
This post will be read by 1000s of people every day.

From those thousands, a certain percentage will spread the victor ideas to their friends.
Those friends may spread it to their friends.
And so on... and so on....

That's how you propose a new solution.

To see the results of something like this takes a while.
But when the results are coming, it comes exponentially.

Companies like Amazon, Tesla, Apple seemed like they came out of nowhere.

But that's not remotely the case.
They simply realized that they needed to build a new network altogether.
And they did.

Same analogy with ideas.

The best rule is to turn your life into a victor so you build the problem solving capacity to handle issues on a macro level.

The mainstream encourages otherwise.
They encourage you to be a victim on a micro level by whining about topics that the victims are complaining about on a macro level.

Call that the rat race for the mind.

Just remember this.
Just like the Newtonian model doesn't work on the Quantum model..
The same can be said for the mind.

If society's narratives are infiltrating your mind, then you may not be as free as you think.

On the flipside, if you are the few in terms of Pareto principle that have adopted to be the victor...
Then congrats.

This is the modern world's version of the road less taken.
Heck, it's the modern day version of the Hero's Journey.
That's epic.


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