Signals Of A Mind With An Intention

There are a lot of laws that are important in the real world.
Compound effect, network theory, Pareto principle etc.

But there are few laws as important as Signal to Noise ratio.

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  • Signal is the meaningful information in your life.
  • Noise is the junk.

What's unique is that everyone's signal to noise ratio is different.
We are operating with different intentions and desires.

This is also why its good to always be wary of advice that you're hearing.
You don't know if the signal from someone else's life matches the signal for yours.

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'What is this meaningful information?'
It depends on what you want.

I heard that film directors watch A LOT of movies.
That's what a large part of their day consists of.

But why?

Because film directors make movies.
For them, watching movies is a high ROI act that fuels #creative ideas & angles.
That's a signal.

But does that mean watching movies is good advice for someone who has been sitting on their ass binge-watching Netflix movies non stop?
Not quite.

And the person watching the nonstop Netflix movies may be watching the SAME exact movies as the filmmakers, but they aren't getting the same results.
Because their intentions are different.

I heard LeBron watches 4 or 5 basketball games AT ONCE!
That's insane.

And he said for him, it's like reading a book.
It works out his mind.

But tell other people to watch 4 to 5 games at once & they would say:
"What for? I can barely watch 1!"

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The main point is that our intentions are different.

"What if I don't have an intention?"
Then 4 possible situations:

- You do not have a signal.
- Your signal is very low.
- You mistake noise as signal.
- Your noise is loud.

There's 2 variables in life.
Awareness & nature.

Awareness always is.
It's a constant.
But nature changes.

Our body, mind & external environment are components of nature.
Coming in waves.
Up & down.
And our awareness just witnesses all of that.

The waves are seen as fun when YOU have created an intention for yourself.
But the waves feel like a pain in the ass, when there was no intention assigned.

That's why the human is always looking for meaning.
When we are born into this world, there is no way of running away from nature.

We all have a mind, body & external situations that we have to deal with.

At times, nature is screaming:
"Yo dawg, make sense out of me already! Quit living so day by day! These retirement commercials are lying to you! No sane person just wants to sit on their ass all day drinking on a beach! It's a lie to take away your purpose so these marketing companies can sell you a consumerism lifestyle! Make sense of me already!"

If you didn't real the paragraph above, a summary is...
Nature is guiding your mind to set an intention.
However, we often miss the clues.

Just a general aim.
Work on that aim.

When you set the aim, you are able to spot the signal from the noise.
You stop asking for random book/website/app suggestions to feel smart.
Instead, you find books that suit your signal.

You stop hanging with losers & reinviting toxic people into your life.
Instead, your circle reduces in size & increases in quality.

We have no choice in the game of nature.
But we have a choice in the game of setting an intention for our mind. Some grand goal to work towards.

With a strong signal, man & woman can tame nature.

The signal to noise ratio is not only a philosophy for engineers & machines.
It's a highly practical philosophy for anyone.

- Tribe & Hive-Engine Community Networker,

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When you set the aim, you are able to spot the signal from the noise.

This can be also seen as a focus... We are setting the aim, focus our hearing, mind, to that... Receive the signal and lower the noise at a minimum...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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If no signal ever awakens any smoldering desire or seething passion in the wasteland of our mental universe, only a third eye may throw inspiriting light on the path to good vibrations.

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