Optimistic People Vs Pessimistic People


Being completely balanced sounds good on paper.
It's a great way to test some theory.

But when something is put into practice, we may find that balance does not always work out the way we expected.

This is how the whole process goes...

It normally begins with embracing 1 side.
And thinking that only 1 side exists.

Then after some time, we see another polar opposite side.
That's when perception has been enhanced.

Then we choose, 1 side over the other side.
The 'my way is the right way' mindset.

hopefully, we see the need for the exact opposite side.
At this point we are like 'Hm... maybe I should try balancing?'

We may try the 50/50 balance at this point.
To only make a stunning realization.

1 side often leads... while we gently invite in another side.
That's balancing in the real world.

I explained a lot of steps.
And these steps work with optimism vs pessimism.

We may identify strictly with one party.
However, in different contexts we see a good time for the other party.

Then we have to ask ourselves...
which side do we identify MORE with?

- Some people are predominantly optimistic with flashes of pessimism.
- Some people are predominantly pessimistic with flashes of optimism.

One thing I noticed is that it's easier for a pessimist to bring down an optimist rather than an optimist uplifting a pessimist.
This isn't ALWAYS the case.

However, I have noticed general patterns.

In a situation like this, what is to be done?
Do we cut out the pessimistic person?

This may be a solution.
However, if this pessimistic person is very close, then cutting them out may not be an option.
What now?
Let them bring the optimist down?

In this case, it's a game of cut or use them as an emotional workout.
Use the pessimistic to build further optimism.

This can happen if someone you have constant exposure to in a job, family life, relationship always sees the glass as half empty.
It's easy to be pulled down.

But when reframing the situation from the lens of an optimist, this is an emotional workout.
One that further allows one to see the glass as half full.

Plus, it also brings awareness of when a different mental model will be needed.
And may help us read just swiftly in different situations.

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Pessimism to exercise intellect.
Optimism to exercise faith.

A little bit of both always helps. Especially when more responsibilities are being taken up.

But when delving deeper...
are you really 50/50?
Or is one side dominating the other?
These are 2 questions to ask....


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I like to be balanced but sometimes I think being Optimistic is more beneficial for me cause I feel like I'm full of energy