Hurt and Never Healed


A lot of years can go wasted because you took the advice of someone who was hurt & never healed.

I see this a lot on social media.
A person can say whatever (lacking any form of logic), repeat it many times... and there will always be a segment of the population parroting that ridiculous statement away.

It's funny.
Yet, sad at the same time.

As I get older, I listen to less advice.
I think advice is good.
But also learning from your own mistakes makes the lesson stickier.
Much more likely to apply it.

- Why do hurt people give advice?
- And how can we spot hurt people giving advice?

Hurt people require a vehicle.
It's a mode of expression.
Content is a permission less media to express.

How can we spot hurt people giving advice?
They speak in generals with a somber tone.

The human brain is only capable of taking in so much data.
I heard the numbers regarding it recently... and it was staggering.

There are TRILLIONS of bits of data all around us.
But at a given moment, the human is only capable of absorbing 2,000,000 bits of the data.

And from the 2,000,000 bits, only 150,000 of those bits are processed.
'What determines how the bits are processed?'
We process the bits based off the story in our mind.

This is why 2 people can look at the same exact thing.
But interpret 2 completely different things.

This is why storytelling has always been important.

Mankind only gets a LITTLE peak of the world around them, mistaking it as reality.
Experiences can easily be fooled.

Our body is not always reliable.
And I know you know what I'm talking about if you ever watched a VERY scary movie.

cough Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Paranormal Activity cough

We know that it's a movie.
It's not technically real.
However, our narrative mind is temporarily being fooled.

Heartbeat racing.
Palms sweating.
Dry mouth.

If a movie can fool us, don't you think life can pull a fast one every now and then?
Think about it...

Well, with the limited bits of data that a person is processing, they are basing it off a story in THEIR mind.
This causes generalizations to be formed.

Generalizations are the default part of the mind.
And nuances are earned.

That's not to say that speaking in generalizations is always bad.
We all speak in generalizations in many facets of our life.

If you asked me to talk about dolphins....
I would be very general on that.
Versus the person who is a marine biologist.
They will now the different types of dolphins and data on it.

Our mistake is in thinking that the general is the full story.

Sometimes the general gives us a baseline of data.
However, other times it can lead us into a completely wrong direction.

Hurt people speak in extreme black & whites.
It will satisfy some.
But for individuals who seek the nuances, something will always feel like it's missing.

I see this on social media a lot.
I have an account on Facebook which I rarely use.
But check it every now and then.

There are different personality types.
And one group is always making generalizations:

  • Everyone in this gender acts like this.
  • This political party is all racists.
  • This profession is all full of scammers.

This is why I say learning emotional intelligence is more important than your IQ score.

Lack of emotional control has us making impulsive statements.
Trying to use the intellect to mitigate an emotional tsunami is a difficult task.

This is why logic is highly important.
But what's key is self awareness.

- Intelligent people are not always self aware.
- But self aware people are always intelligent.

'Isn't it sad that so many people fall for the advice of someone who was hurt and never healed?'

'What do you mean eh?? Have you no empathy?'
I do.
But I believe this is a lesson that needs to be learned the hard way.

Taking advice too quick from poor people can lead to a lot of regret.
And the regret hopefully charges up the person to build their own experiences & flex their reflection skills.

Therefore, it's a necessary evil.

No matter which field someone is in, they are given a flurry of suggestions.

But in the information age, anyone can say anything.
I could say the sky is red everyday for the rest of the year to my weedcash following...

And 10 of the people from my 1.4K followers will begin thinking 'hm...this dude may be onto something.'
Then those 10 would want to convince their friends that they sky is red.

They want to be the first to break the news.
A lot of people LOVE being the first to break the news. It leads to pleasurable emotions.

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Remember, other humans are going by THEIR story.
Every now and then though, there is a person's story who we resonate with.

The resonation shouldn't mean that we listen to everything they say though.
We can have 10 things in common, but the 11th thing can be completely opposite.

The mind isn't a bicycle.
The training wheels need to come off.

It's duty to learn how to think..
And this is a skillset that only we can embark on.


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