Dark Truth of Modern Trends


Times change.
Yet people have the tendency to carry old ways of thinking into a new world.

Media is not the same as it was a couple of years back.
And this is why media literacy is more important than ever.

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When I was a little kid, what CNN, FOX, MSNBC said was law.
This was our main method to get news.

In analogy terms, view yourself at a wedding.
And in the wedding, a set entrée is being served.

Nowadays, CNN,FOX, MSNBC are just one of many different media platforms out there.

New media is fueled by the internet.
And new media has turned the landscape of media from an autocracy to a meritocracy.

Now view yourself at a wedding.
But rather than having a set entrée...
The wedding has a buffet.
YOU pick and choose.

Plenty missed the memo on the pick & choose part.
They are stuck in thinking that only an entrée is still being served.

A year or 2 back, I recall a bunch of people eating tide pods.
And a year ago, there were people who were opening a tub of ice-cream at a grocery shop, licking the top, recording it & sticking the ice-cream back in the fridge.
Nasty clown.

Why would people behave like this?
Because others did.

Not understanding that new media works in a brand new law than traditional media can have humans missing out on opportunities and viewing barbaric acts as opportunities.

The stunning realization I noticed recently is the similarity that media is having with the world of physics.

What Traditional media is to New Media is what Newtonian Physics is to Quantum physics.

Newtonian physics works great with macroscopic objects.
The laws just work perfectly to make sense of the world.

But when you go SMALL, it seems like the Newtonian laws no longer work.
The world of quantum holds different rulesets.

In the world of physics, there too are individuals who are just stuck in their ways.
'This quantum stuff is a fad! It's not real.'
And some quantum physicists may say the same about Newtonian physics.
'Get with the time's already!'

The truth is that both groups are correct.
It's just a game of knowing when to apply which.

I am not of the belief that Traditional media is going to be obsolete anytime soon.
One day it may be.
But I do believe there's a group for it.

However, we should not project the centralization to the world of new media.
Have a "pick & choose buffet" mentality in this world of the internet.

I love when people follow.
I love when people unfollow.

This is surprisingly the golden era of media & very few people are noticing.

To extend the analogy of physics further.
Neil Bohr, a famous quantum physicist said:
"If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet."

We will be saying the same thing about the internet as it continues to evolve.

For the time being, it's time to evolve how to think.
Train the mind to see decentralized in the world that thinks centralized..
And you'll; train the mind to see opportunities.

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It would be helpful if you give examples if it comes to new and old media. Most of it is the same if you adk me. People copy-paste the headlines and clickbaits they read elsewhere and no longer care if it's fake or not. It's internet so it's true.