An Artist Training Like An Athlete


I saw this interview with Arian Foster a while back regarding his career in the NFL.

In the NFL, he was a well esteemed running back.
A great professional in terms of his sport.

In the interview, although he seemed like he enjoyed his career...
He also seemed a bit jaded.

Arian talked about the toll his body took being in the league.
How his collar bone was loose, he had multiple concussions, routinely felt pain in his joints etc.

Overall, his career seemed very dark.
A different side to the NFL that you don't often hear.

He went on further talking about how he had no clue what the concussions would do to his brain.

When he was coming up in the game, a lot of his trainers would just tell him to walk it off.
They called getting brutally hit on the head, just a 'kink.'

Well, there was a Will Smith move that came out a while back bringing up awareness to getting hit on the head for football players.
The damage it could create over time...
The movie bought awareness to CTE.

Overall, Arian seemed to have a love/hate relationship with his career.

He even went onto say that he would NOT want his kids playing football.

When asked by the interviewer if Arian would play football again, knowing all he knows now..
Arian confidently said: no.

When asked, what he would do, knowing all he knows now, he said he would become an artist or scientist.

I thought that was a very unique response...

Here is a former professional running back, and a very good one at that...
Saying that he would become an artist or scientist??

He didn't even mention another sport.
Like basketball or track.
He talked about a different field entirely.


Well, I'm no mind reader, but here is my opinion.
With artistry & the field of science, it's in the domain of knowledge.

And knowledge can always compound.
Unfortunately, your body has to follow the rules of gravity.

I believe having an athletes mindset regarding art & science will give you a competitive advantage.
Because anytime we are delving into the world of knowledge, we can easily become slackers.

- I think I am doing a good job because I feel like it.
- Today I am not going to show up because I don't feel inspired.
- Let me go sloppy on these next few reps... no one will know.

All blurry acts of behavior.
That's not how a top tier athlete will perform.

Fantasy: You feel energized, then get to work.
Reality: You get to work, then feel energized.

By training like an athlete, we are able to bring a razor sharp discipline into a world of knowledge.
Into the world of mind.

Remember this...
Decentralized social communication skills is not just an investment to your present life.
It's also an investment to your future.

But surprisingly, it's also an investment to your PAST.
"My past?? What you talking about?"
You heard me correctly.

By building our decentralized social communication skills...
We are able to transport back to the past & change our perceptions regarding certain behaviors.

- You are not what happened to you.
- You are what you remembered of what happened to you.

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Words not only allow us to communicate with one another.
Words allow us to communicate with ourselves.

A lot of these articles that I write, are moments from my past.
Experiences that I went through.
And once I put it into words, I am able to interpret a meaning from it.
That's what I share.

Then by reading my experiences + insights generated, you view it from the lens of your life.

That's what all art comes down to.

This is also why 2 people can have 2 completely different interpretations of what art is.
And this is also why I rarely listen to movie critics.

Movie critics are perceiving art from their experiences...
Not mine.

Arian Foster bought up another brilliant point in his talk.

He bought up how many NFL players are getting into the league EARLY on in their lives.
Before they really had a chance to create their identity.

So they are not too aware of what they want or do not want.
This is another insight into how an artist thinks.

Because for all artists & scientists, there is a certain time period required to create the identity, understand the identity to see where someone stands.

The thing is, it's never too late for Arian...
He can still become a scientist or artist.

I don't know much about him or what he does.

But anytime we are stretching into the world of knowledge, creativity & the mind...
It's a game of knowing we can improve, for life.

Add in the discipline of an athlete to the blurry field of knowledge...
Now we no longer show up when we feel like it.

We show up because that's the only life we know.
A trained act has now become instinct.


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