Diary of a fraustrated Nigerian Student



The state of things in my country is enough to make any man run mad... I've been out of school since February 14 2022 till date.. There's no hope of resuming any time soon because the federal government and ASUU (Academic Staff Union of universities . ASUU and the federal government have been at loggerheads since the beginning of this year and hasn't resolved .All measures for schools to resume proved abortive....They constantly fix meetings upon meetings to resolve the issues and every single meeting held since January usually ends in deadlock

The Nigerian government has refused to meet up with the demands of ASSU... It's unfortunate that we the students are at the receiving end ..An adage says, where two elephants fight, the grass will suffer. I'm a pharmacology students in my finals ..I hope the issue is resolved so I can go back to school and chase my dreams.. It's certainly not a crime to be born in Nigeria where education is not valued..At this point I'm tired and frustrated ..A course of 4 years has turned to 6 years..The Corona period affected us too

In the mean time I'm into fashion designing...I sow clothes.. That's going to be my plan B because at this point, It seems we're not resuming anytime soon. I know a lot of people all over the world might not know what's happening here in Nigeria but alot more is happening and even worse..Most youths are leaving the country for other countries like Canada, USA, Germany for greener pastures... Insecurity, kidnapping and other social vices is the other of the day.. Inflation is on the high side, the government officials in high places are corrupt, they embezzle public funds meant for the betterment of the society... It's a whole lot honestly..All we can do is to pray for a better Nigeria.