My introduction on hive @tlp9263


My brief introduction

my name

Hafiz Aamir Shahzad Saifi

My father Kaname

Mohammad Saber


  • There are four of us, all three are married
    And one brother is not married
    I have two sons and one daughter. My elder son's name is Muhammad Hasan Raza, who is eight years old. And my younger son's name is Muhammad Hussain Raza, who is six years old. And my little darling daughter's name is
    Fatima Al-Zahra is four years old
    Masha Allah, these three study the Holy Qur'an and also get school education and go to the same school and have a lot of agreement between them and when they get their education, they come home and greet each other.
    my work
    I am a tailor and I sew clothes and I have also worked in Lahore. I worked in a garment factory for three years and had a great time abroad and then I left Lahore because I miss my city and my country. I used to earn a lot of money in Lahore but I missed my homeland very much and I left my job in Lahore and came to my city Borewala and started working with my friend and now I work in my city. I go to work at eight o'clock and after Maghrib prayer I come back home and now thanks to Allah I am happy and when I come home in the evening my children are very happy to see me and I see them happy. All my work fatigue is gone.
    I hope you like it and what I said is true and not a lie*.