Which one would you rather buy or be a part of ?

Is that even a fair comparison ?


I am sure a lot of people would be having this question in their minds.

Lets put things into perspective

Twitter had started as a micro blogging platform and with time it gain a lot of popularity.
Initially a lot of people were skeptical about the idea of expressing themselves using a short format communication.
however with time twitter found its place in the Web 2.0 ecosystem.
As celebrities took to twitter they found their fans followed them onto this new format short content platform and created their own twitter accounts and this created a snowball effect of mass account creation and the celebs could boast of the mammoth number of followers they had.
This physical manifestation of their soft power into physically countable numbers was a big thing not just for the platform but for the celebrities who began to wield a lot of power of influence over their followers using their Web 2.0 accounts.

Social media influences took to twitter to create and share content in the hope that the stuff they create would go viral and they would become stars in their own right.
That was the era of Web 2.0 and twitter discovered its place under the Sun.
Everyone who wanted to have a piece of action took to twitter.
You had to give your name, email and sometimes the mobile number in order to get an account.
Also I believe that following a term of service was and still is a thing that the users have to abide by.

Getting on to twitter was easy however some people discovered that staying on twitter was not always easy as so many people discovered.
If a user flouts the terms of service then his account can be banned.
The idea perhaps was to express yourself and give an expression to your thoughts.
However in the era of Web 2.0 this freedom of expression has to fall under the terms of service of the provider which is a centralized entity running the platform.

web 3.0 is here

With time things change and so is the way in which people express themselves.
Web 2.0 and twitter is still popular however web 3.0 is getting popular at a tremendous pace.
In the world of web 3.0 the platform itself is getting decentralized.
To understand this idea we can look at the hive blockchain which is a decentralized blockchain which means that no one person or organization owns it.
Hive has a number of front ends and communities built over the decentralized blockchain.
What this means is that there are a number of communities having their very own front ends.
these platforms let users create content.
leofinance.io is a layer 2 platform built over the hive blockchain and the content created over this platform mainly relates to crypto, blockchain and financial information.

What does a web 3.0 experience mean for the end user ?

Simply put this means that anyone is free to join the platform and create content.
In addition to this freedom to create content one get is to experience the idea of tokenization of content.
To understand this idea let us take the example of a Web 2.0 platform like twitter Facebook and Instagram.

Here if someone appreciates your content then they can like it to show you their appreciation for your content.
However in a web 3.0 experience like leofinance.io when a person wants to like your content they up vote it.
These upvotes earn you crypto which gets paid to you when the post you create matures for payout after seven days.

This is a big difference between a Web 2.0 and web 3.0 experience.

Now think of the case where a celebrity be it a rockstar, movie star sports person or even a social media influencer who has some following on twitter declares that he is moving to leofinance.io and would be posting his exclusive content on leo threads.
This would cause a lot many people to show up and sign up for leo finance.io

In the case of leofinance.io the native token or currency is the leo token. therefore when the payout occurs for your post you get paid in leo tokens.
these leo tokens can be traded for other crypto at one of the internal crypto exchanges.

Leofinance.io is making things more interesting with #leo #threads

Leo threads is a new feature of leofinance.io where as anyone can create short twitter format content.
The content has a maximum character limit of 240 character.
Those familiar with twitter would be familiar with this kind of message creation.


Anyone can use Leo threads

anyone who has a hive account can visit https://leofinance.io/threads and start using this feature after logging to their account.
The best part is that threads need not be limited to any one topic you can create a thread on a topic of your liking.

Getting onto Hive & Leofinance.io is easy too

If you are reading this post and do not have an account on the hive blockchain then you can get onboard with minimum of difficulty.
Leofinance.io has made on boarding super easy using your existing Web 2.0 account like twitter or facebook.
If you click on the get started button on Leofinance.io main page then you are greeted with the following menu


Pick a method that best suits you and start your web 3.0 experience.

Is twitter going the long format way ?

If the grape wine is to be believed then twitter is contemplating introducing the long format of content creation very much like what leofinance.io already does.
So if we see the opening graphic of this post and compare the features then this is how things stack up


What if both twitter and leofinance.io were traded stocks ?

Interestingly neither twitter or leofinance.io are publicly traded companies in the fiat world.
Twitter once traded and the last valuation it got was $53.35 per share.
The leo token trades a little less than $0.06 per token. Buying, holding and using the leo token is akin to holding the stock in the fiat world.

Is the leo token undervalued ?

This is something to ponder upon and with so many features already built in and a network of functional dapps that make leofinance.io a livable and thriving crypto verse the $0.06 price for leo seems hugely undervalued.

You can put a price to a platform that provides a number of services as in built features however what price tag or valuation do you put on decentralized freedom ?
Is this even tangible and can a valuation be put on such a thing?

People have fought wars to get freedom and regimes have been overturned so what is the value of a platform that offers you decentralized freedom on a platter.

To buy, hold and make use of the leo token is a financial decision that you might like to take.
However what stops you from hopping on to leofinance.io to start your web 3.0 ride to enjoy

  • Decentralized freedom of expression
  • Tokenization of content(read earn crypto for the content you create)
  • Explore the various avenues to earn and grow crypto

Final thoughts

Anyone who is getting onboard hive and leofinance.io is giving themselves

  • The freedom of expression ,
  • The right to monetize your content and
  • The freedom from fear that some central authority could use coercion or manipulation you or control your account or influence what you post or consume as a user.
    Now this is the big difference between Web 2.0 user experience and web 3.0 user experience.

So when are you getting onboard and going to start your web 3.0 journey ?




I wonder if there are more shares on issue for twitter than coins on Issue for LEO?

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