What are the Wallet options that can be used for staking on Robiniaswap ?

6 Ways to stake your crypto assets on Robiniaswap


What are the Wallet options that can be used for staking on Robiniaswap ?

There are six wallets that can be used to access and stake crypto on Robiniaswap
These wallets are
Binance Chain Wallet

We would explore the process of installation of the Mathwallet.
Further we see how to connect and go about staking.

Common ways to go about staking

There are two ways to access and stake your crypto on Robiniaswap.

One is via a browser on a computer and the other is via an app on your mobile phone.
For this post we would be using the computer browser method and using chrome as the browser of choice.
Here we Visit

math wallet options.jpg

From here one can select the appropriate wallet.

Since we are interested in the chrome extension we select that option.


We choose the chrome browser

This takes is to the chrome web store

math wallet on chrome store.jpg

Click the "Add to Chrome" button to add the extension and the wallet to your browser.

The wallet creation requires a password entry: Make sure to select a strong password.

Next select switch network

math wallet switch network.jpg

Select BSC or the Binance smart chain

math wallet bsc.jpg

Click the "+" sign to create/import/Connect Hardware wallet.

math wallet create.jpg

From here we select create

Give your wallet a name and next copy and save the mnemonic phrase.

Congratulations your wallet got created.
Next you need to fund it which you can do so by transferring funds to this wallet or you can send funds to this wallet from an exchange like Binance.

How to connect your math wallet to Robiniaswap?

Visit https://robiniaswap.com/


Click the Connect Button

Open the site https://robiniaswap.com/ on your chrome browser.
This is the same browser on which we created and funded the Mathwallet.
You would get the following options to connect.

wallet options.jpg

Out of the above options select Mathwallet and connect it to the https://robiniaswap.com/ site.

Once connected the Connect wallet would get replaced by your wallet address

math connected.jpg

Now you can stake the your crypto in one of the pools.
You can explore the pool options available at

You are free to choose a pool into which you wish to stake your crypto

If you are staking for the first time then you would need to perform the step of approve Contract for that pool
for this click the "approve contract" button


This would involve a small fee which you can pay from the connected MathWallet.
For this reason you are required to have some BNB tokens on the BSC chain.
Next you would be require to press the "Stake" button.


I have already covered staking via Metamask and Trustwallet.

It terms of platforms the mathwallet comes with multiple options the popular ones are as a browser extension which I am using for Chrome and the other available as an app.

Alternatively you can search for the mathwallet chrome extension using your chrome browser.

Search for the chrome extension by searching for "search for mathwallet chrome extension" in your chrome browser

search for mathwallet chrome extention .jpg

If you have been following my posts about Robiniaswap you would be knowing by now that I am exploring more ways to earn through Robiniaswap.

I write this post with the intent to study and report all the ways in which we can earn some passive income by staking on Robiniaswap

Read how to stake on Robiniaswap using Trustwallet here

However if you are new to Robiniaswap then let me give you a short intro about Robiniaswap

At the risk of being repetitive I have to answer one of the most prominent question being asked about Robiniaswap
and that is ...

What is Robiniaswap ?

RobiniaSwap is a BSC based project that is offering both a Yield Farm DeFi project as part of its roadmap working on development of an AMM exchange.
The exchange would work on the model of an automatic market maker.

What can one do with Robiniaswap ?

Currently there are two very important functions a crypto user can perform using RobiniaSwap
i) As a STEEM token holder one can use the RobiniaSwap bridge which can be found at

Using this bridge one can convert STEEM or Blurt tokens to generate equivalent tokens on the Binance Smart Chain BSC.
Once converted these tokens can be stakes in the RobiniaSwap pool found at https://robiniaswap.com/pools

Doing this has a monumental affect on your Crypto
From a case where it sat idle earning you almost nothing?
to a state your crypto can earn you a handsome return.

From Zero to hero type crypo returns

At the time of writing this post
These are the kinds of returns that Robiniaswap is offering to those who stake their tokens.
These are the kind of returns you can get by porting your idle STEEM tokens and staking them on Robiniaswap.
bsteem APR.jpg

In case you stake your RBS tokens the APR is pretty high


Please note : The rates shown in the images are the prevailing APR rates at the time of writing this post.
These days are dynamic and can swing both ways that is can go up or down when you explore the options.
You can explore the Pool exploring options here
Pool staking is not the only way to interact with Robiniaswap
You can also explore the farm options here

For more information about the Robiniaswap project please refer to the following links

Robinia Swap Audit Report.
Robinia Swap Official Document: https://blokfield.gitbook.io/robinia/
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/wGv4UjER2f
Global Telegram Channel: https://t.me/officialrobinia
Korea Telegram Channel: https://t.me/robiniakr
Kakao Talk 1:1 Inquiry: https://open.kakao.com/o/s9uEwEyb
Business Partnership: [email protected]

Standard Disclaimer: Please do your own due diligence and research before making an investment. The purpose of this post is for educational purpose only and it should not be considered as financial advice.