To press or not to press the Power button on Robiniaswap

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If you are wondering what am I referring to then let me start from the beginning

Getting to know about robiniaswap

Robiniaswap is a Defi project launched a few days back.

It is a project with a dedicated team and a well defined project road map.

Current state of robiniaswap

Currently if one visits the robiniaswap site then one finds 3 very prominent and functional features there are namely

i) The Bridge


This lets STEEM and Token holders transfer crypto across the STEEM/ Blurt and BSC bridge.
The way this works is that a person can transfer his STEEM or BLURT tokens using the Robiniaswap bridge located at
The Bridge charges a 1% fee and lets anyone convert STEEM/Blurt tokens into corresponding tokens on the Binance Smart Chain tokens.
One of the basic advantages of this process is that one could trade them for other tokens or better still.
Stake them on

ii) Pools

The robiniaswap pools on offer can be accessed at


Currently at the time of writing the post there are some pools offering some handsome APR
The APR on offer is dynamic and sepends upon which pool do you invest in.
currently you can invest in one of the following pools

The RBS Pool ~ Stake RBS Earn RBS this has a pretty high APR currently
WBNB Pool ~ Stake WBNB earn RBS tokens
CAKE Pool ~ Stake cake earn RBS tokens
BTCB Pool ~ Stake BTCB and earn RBS tokens
ETH Pool ~ Stake ETH and earn RBS tokens
BUSD Pool ~ Stake BUSD and earn RBS tokens
USDT Pool~ Stake USDT and earn RBS tokens
DOT Pool ~ Stake DOT and earn RBS tokens
RINI Pool ~ stake RINI & earn RBS tokens
ADA Pool ~ stake ADA & earn RBS tokens
BBLURT Pool ~ Stake BBLURT & earn RBS tokens
MOON Pool ~ stake MOON & earn RBS tokens

The third option is

iii ) Farms


The farm option can be accessed at
It is for the more savvy investors.

I am more keen to play with the pools and have been keenly involved with the BSTEEM pool.
I find the idea of being able to stake my idle liquid on robiniaswap BSTEEM pool and earn some RBS tokens as a reward.
Having said that I must say I like to put the RBS tokens on the RBS Pool on robiniaswap pool.
Here I see the RBS token share growing. It is a good feeling to visit this page and see the earned tokens increasing over time.
This brings me to the big question and I pose it to you as well
I see the button to harvest and another button to compound.

To me the compound button is like a power switch

I say this because this button if pressed can boost an investors earnings.
If I press the harvest button I would claim my earning which would be sent to my linked wallet.

However if I were to press the compound button then my RBS tokens would not be sent to me instead I would be able to earn more RBS tokens by way of compounding my RBS earnings.

This surely looks like a nice way to increase the passive income.
So if you were in my position what would your strategy be?

Would you harvest or compound your earnings ?

Or perhaps you have a better way to grow your crypto wealth even further and in a better way.

In case you want to know more about Robiniaswap here are the links which can be used to connect with the project or find more information.

Robinia Swap Audit Report.
Robinia Swap Official Document:
Discord Channel:
Global Telegram Channel:
Korea Telegram Channel:
Kakao Talk 1:1 Inquiry:
Business Partnership: [email protected]

Standard Disclaimer: Please do your own due diligence and research before making an investment. The purpose of this post is for educational purpose only and it should not be considered as financial advice.