My Hive Business Card Design



What the client needs

A two sided business card

Information provided by the client to be used as guidelines for making card

A simple business card with 2 sides

  • Room for QR code on both sides
  • 1 QR code with link to
  • 2- QR code to Hive Philippines discord
  • Sleek design that is ready to print and mass produce
  • Front side - Universal Hive related
  • Clients open to adding Slogans

Doing some brainstorming

What does hive represent to you
Ans :personal experience based answer. Hive to me is like the Sun in our Solar system around which all the planets revolve.

So this becomes the central idea

If Hive is the Sun then what are the other planets
Other planets are the various layer 2 communities and dapps built over the hive blockchain.

More analogies between the Sun and Hive

The Sun keeps the plants bound to their path a lot like what the hive blockchain does to the layer 2 communities.
They may be different and independent yet together they constitute the hive ecosystem

The Sun also gives light and sustenance to those on earth. Similarly the Hive blockchain gives livelihood to many around the world.
Thus the Sun hive analogy seems to make sense
So this is going to be the theme and main narrative of the front portion of the card.
The Hive logo is a shade of red and it would look nice on a black background

hiveon black.jpg

However I want to incorporate the idea of Hive being like the sun
So let us see how that works

hive with sun.jpg

Hive is also the common currency on the Hive chain. All those who use the Hive blockchain trust the Hive ecosystem. they invest their time, resources and money believing that hive is trustworthy and not some kind of rug pull.

Combining the use of Hive as Currency and its trustworthiness one can think of a slogan like
"In Hive We Trust"

So we add this slogan/ tagline

in hive we trust.jpg

Here is another variation of the business card front.

in hive we trust1.jpg

and anther one

hive business cardfront.jpg

Let us look at the back part of the card

hive business cardback.jpg

I hope to work towards bringing more people on board hive and help them grow and thrive in the hive blockchain ecosystem.

Final thoughts

We the active users of Hive are like its brand ambassadors who can help more people get on board and help enrich the ecosystem.