Is the Robiniaswap token getting ready for a break out ?

As a student of crypto I am curious as to what projects do to make it tick and become succesful.
Some projects burn tokens other rope in big investors. Different projects have different strategies.
Some strategies work and some do not.

The Big question

What is the right mix of making things work ? Or is there a fool proof strategy at all ?
As an investors what are the key factors or triggers that can help us identify a project that is about to take off both in terms of price action as well as value. It is a mystery to many including me.
As I study different projects I make observations and notes just to identify crypto opportunities as well as try to pick up the art of picking up a winner with this intent one of the many projects that I am tracking and following is Robiniaswap.

Let us start from the beginning

The Robiniaswap is a DeFi project that was launched on Oct. 1 2021

Robiniaswap started with a bang

The IHO of Robiniaswap was very successful and its initial token sale was very successful.
As the staking Pool was launched subsequently it saw sky high APR
People earned this high APR on their staked Coins and tokens and sold them in the market.
The people who had subscribed to the Robiniaswap IHO got the opportunity to sell at 4X their buy price.

This initial frenzy and activity cased a lot of activity and subsequently the price fell sharply because the high token issuance volume.
By design the high initial token release volume has begun to taper down.
Slowly but surely but the issuance volume has recently stabilized and the price is entering a rather stable price range.
As per a recent snapshot over 1.3 million RBS tokens have been issued out of which about 220,000 RBS tokens have been burned.
About 16.8% of the total issued has been burned and the amount of burnt tokens is continuing to increase.

The short term RBS token burn goal

The short-term goal is to burn 20-30% of the tokens which should arrest the downword slide of the token price.

The long term RBS token burn goal

The team plans to raise the RBS token burn to 50% in the long-term.

Robiniaswap project is a work in progress

From the day it was launched the Robiniaswap project team have been incorporating new features and innovations into the project to make it productive for the investors.

The multiplier approach to support the project and support investors.

If you visit the Robiniaswap farm you would see the various pools earning at various multipliers.


The 40X Farm multiplier

The Robiniaswap team is constantly tweaking both the pool and farm dynamics to give maximum returns to those investing in the project.
Currently the multiplier on the RBS- BUSD LP is 40X
The APR is 274.84 at the time of writing the post and the deposit fee is 0%
The earning would be in RBS tokens.


In addition the RBS-BNB LP is operating at a 35X multiplier


It has an APR of 231.91%
Deposit fee is 0% and
Output is in RBS tokens

The various pools are operating at various multipliers.
Similarly when you check the robiniaswap single token staking pools


The RBS staking pool operates at a 25X pool multiplier.


It has zero staking fee and APR is at a healthy 90.96%
The APR is paid out in RBS tokens.

Summary of Robiniaswap strategy

Together with a regular RBS token burn to support the token price as well as a high Pool and farm multiplier to reward the investors should see a healthy growth for the robiniaswap project.
This is a strategy that the project team is using and till now we find a price stabilization that is taking place in the +$ 0.20 per RBS token range.


Source of chart

In case you want to know more about Robiniaswap here are the links which can be used to connect with the project or find more information.

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Business Partnership: [email protected]

Standard Disclaimer: Please do your own due diligence and research before making an investment. The purpose of this post is for educational purpose only and it should not be considered as financial advice.