When your heart whispers!


Difficult times, difficult places, difficult situations. These all turn out to be stumbling blocks for many people, making them turn their backs and give up on many things as well but hey! Have you stopped to listen to your heart's whisper?

Sometimes we all tend to listen to what is going on in our head and forget that there's a silent whisper that always comes from the heart when we are faced with difficulties and to hear it, you just need to calm down.

Get away from all the voices that say you can't, it's impossible, it's risky or maybe pointless, sit back and listen because the one thing that can also be your companion or more like a good best friend with amazing advice is your heart.

You're free to lock yourself indoors, pour out some tears if you want and when you're done, lay back down and listen. You're gonna hear something like: it's okay, have you given it another try, one failure can't stop you, just keep trying, you'll definitely get there.

That cool whisper is always soothing, I speak out of experience because one thing I figure is that challenges will never stop showing up its ugly head in this life race so all we have is that soothing whisper from out heart that tells us to give that situation another try and trust me at the end of the day it's always worth it.

Lao Tzu said;

Stop leaving and you'll arrive, stop searching and you'll see, stop running away and you'll be found.

The latter part of that quote always touches me. Just stop running away from the situation and you'll definitely be found at the right place and at the right time.

Cheer up and hold on tight remember that when the butterfly thought it was over, it began to fly with beautiful wings. You can fly too, just don't give up.

With love from teknon 💙!