The strange house.



There was an isolated country house which stood in the middle of nowhere covered with flowers of different colors and had spooky trees all around it.

Many heard about the country house from far and wide but a few went around to see what it looked like but never dared to get in. It had a spooky environment, the trees around were so huge and birds of different kinds flew all over the place making the place even more creepy. It looked like the devil's lair from the outside.

The owner of the house wasn't known by anyone, maybe except the animals that were found around the environment who couldn't communicate with any human.

One day, a teenage boy who loved hiking went through that path and discovered the house sitting all by itself covered in leaves and looking terrific. The boy froze for a while and decided to check out what kind of house that could be. He felt the place must have been abandoned by some prominent person in the state as he made his way forward to discover the mystery behind the house's existence.

He cut through the leaves and got to the front door. His quick movement made the birds fly away making a fuss. The boy looked at the birds and a part of him told him to leave the place before it was too late but he felt he was determined to see what was in the house or who owned such a house.

Suddenly the door at which he had been struggling to open went widely open and the inside of the house was terribly dark. The boy walked in slowly after picking up a big stick from the ground in case he had to defend himself.

The house was really huge inside and felt like a black hole just as he was fully in, the door was shut behind him. His heart almost left his body as his arms and feet trembled. Something seemed wrong about the place.

"Oh finally we have a visitor", said an old man who walked majestically down the stairs towards the boy as all lights were turned on making the place really bright. "You're welcome to my home, please have a seat. What's your name by the way"? The old man spoke in a low tone.

"Umm, I'm Ali" said the boy as he moved backwards away from the approaching man. "Don't be scared Ali, I don't bite, feel free here. Don't bother about my look and this place. I'm glad to finally meet someone innocent here today".

"Who are you and what's your name, why do you live here all by yourself and what is this place"? Ali asked the man out of curiosity. "I'll tell you my name if you promise to keep it a secret". "Huh! Okay fine I promise" the boy said as he lifted his pinky finger up causing the old man to chuckle. He handed him a cup of coffee but Ali was interested in hearing all about him and not the coffee as fear began to grip him.

"I'm Yousef, I got this place when I escaped from the hand's of people who wanted to use me as a lab rat due to the amount of IQ I possess. I could make animals of different species mate and bring forth offspring and so,the people wanted to manipulate my skill so I ran and built this place in such a way that it'll scare people away while I disguised myself. I just saw you from my window and you looked so special that's why I let you in". He mistakenly pressed a button and all the lights in the house went off.

Ali almost lost his mind because he still didn't feel safe. "Oh! I'm really sorry that was a mistake". He pressed the button again and the lights came back on. "Would you like me to show you around Ali"? The man said with a grin and Ali couldn't decline but accepted to tour round the strange house.


It was an amazing tour for Ali as the man's backyard looked like heaven. He had a very beautiful garden and a place for different kinds of beautiful animals. He had constructed an artificial lake which flowed between his garden and it was so beautiful. He showed Ali all his work which wowed the teenage boy. He was amazed and began to feel free around the old man. They even became friends.

When it was evening, it was time for Ali to go back home but he felt like staying back. The old man could read the emotion in his eyes. "You can always come around Ali, you're welcome here my child but please we don't need unwanted company. Remember this place has to be a secret till I die".

The door opened slowly and Ali waved the old man goodbye as he ran out promising to visit again.

The end.


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