The little introvert


Mali had just moved into the neighborhood. She was just four and really smart. She loved the new environment so much, the trees, flowers and the fresh air was something that made her so happy.


She hoped to meet someone her age soon enough because she really wanted to make friends with someone whom she'll call in for Christmas dinner at her place.

See was out early with her mother to walk their dog and so her eyes roamed everywhere in search of a little cutie she could befriend just her age. As her eyes kept roaming she saw someone maybe a little older than her and her eyes popped up as she smiled following his direction with the use of her sharp eyes.

He walked slowly into the apartment ten meters away from Mali's and she was so glad she saw someone she could make friends with and not just anyone, a guy.

She immediately had a plan and was so into carrying it out. She hopped up and down following her mother as they strolled down the street with excitement in her little round eyes.

"Mali what's the whole excitement about"? Her mom asked her. She smiled as a blush appeared on her face and she said "I'm gonna have a boyfriend soon mom", she placed her palms on her face as she tried to hide her shyness from her mother who laughed out loud.

"Okay Mali I'll be waiting to see your new boyfriend soon enough, so how about Jayden, aren't you dating him anymore"? "Umm nope we broke up the moment I moved out of that environment. I don't do long distance dating mom". "OMG Mali! You amaze me". Her mom bursted out laughing as they continued their stroll.

Later in the day, little Mali went over to her new boyfriend's house and boldly took her steps as she got to his door and knocked politely.

Jason's mom came out and saw a cute little girl standing outside with her two hands folded behind her back as she swung to and fro.

"Hey princess who are you here to see"? "Umm I just moved into the neighborhood and I saw your son this morning walking his dog so I'm here to make friends with him. "Awwn! That's sweet baby*" Jason's mom responded with a smile as she let Mali in.

"I'm Mali" she introduced herself to Jason when they finally met and Jason was so shy that he wanted to be left alone. She was too pretty for him to look her in the face and Mali being so smart noticed his attitude.


"What's your name? Mali asked, looking straight at him. "I, I, I, I'm Jason" he responded in a very low tone as he slouched. Jason's mom watched from the kitchen and was astonished at mali's smartness.

"Jason! I love your name" she smiled as she continued her speech "I told my mom that you're my boyfriend. would you be my boyfriend Jason"? She asked with eyes shining. This got Jason even more shy as he looked down counting his toes and blushing.

"Are you shy Jason"? This question made Jason look up at the creature standing in front of his face. He smiled as he shook off the shyness and introduced himself properly. They started playing in no time to the surprise of Jason's mom.


"My son has loosened up, wow, wow, my introvert son is getting along with someone". She was so excited that she could no longer stay in her hideout. Then again Jason returned to his shell when he saw his mother and wasn't vibrant anymore.

"Ummm, I need to go home now Jason*"! Mali said as she was so pleased at her first experience with him and then she turned over to his mom. "Please I'll love Jason to come around tomorrow for Christmas dinner at my house. I'll come get him. Thank you"! She gave a perfect smile revealing her milk dentition which was yet to fall out.

"Jason! Would you like to go to Mali's place tomorrow for dinner"? His mom asked him and Jason nodded with a smile as he ran into his room.

Mali danced her way to her house to give her mom the good news.