The creature in the dark....

Tonia was awakened by the dog's repeated barks. It was just 2am and she wondered what was making it bark non-stop.

She slid her tired feet into her slippers as she tiptoed to the window to see what was going on.


She opened the blind slowly to avoid it making sounds then she looked outside, the dog was still barking in a particular direction but Tonia could see no one.

The dog barked and tossed to and fro like it was being beaten, it cried at the same time fighting what was tormenting it. Finally it was defeated and died.

All these happened in front of Tonia's apartment. She shook as goosebumps appeared all over her skin, "who or what could have fought with her dog so badly to the point of killing it. Was the person or thing coming for her"?

She asked herself those questions and before she could place a finger on any answer, a chilly breeze swept through her face from the window.

It was so strong that it could push her down. Tonia felt her legs vibrating, she took her phone to dial the police but it was beaten off her hands. She was surprised and at this time, she was sweating from head to toe.


She searched for her flashlight but couldn't find it, all of a sudden it went on directly shining on her face. "Oh heavens! I don't want to ever be in this kind of evil spotlight ever" Tonia said as she started crying.

"Who are you and why are you hunting me? What have I done to you, what is it"? The creature in the dark laughed out loud, it's voice like that of thunder and lightning on a very rainy day. It's voice alone sent Tonia to hell and back.

"You've forgotten so soon huh! I wouldn't wanna waste my time beating about the bush so Miss influencer, I'll just go straight to the point".

"Actually, congratulations on your win of being the Miss influencer. My bad it was months ago but I still wanna wish you since I didn't have the opportunity to do so back then. I see you're now leaving in luxury. Congrats!" Tonia was short of words as she couldn't comprehend what was going on.

"Let's make it easier for the both of us to understand, do you remember Anna? Of course you don't, you wouldn't!" The creature spoke sharply and Tonia felt her skin being cut. Blood oozed out excessively, the cut was deep. She was now in pain and she fought in the dark. Her eyes closed because of the brightness of the light that shone on her face.

The creature continued; "you murdered me because I was your only competitor, who you thought would win the contest instead of you" it cut her again on her thighs. "That's all I can say for now. I wish you a great life as you keep being Miss Influencer in hell."

Tonia wasn't alive to tell how much pain she felt after being given the last cut in the neck and before it left it gave one more speech "you sure had a great dog".

At this time the police had surrounded the place and we're still listening to the sound coming from Tonia's apartment as they were still on the phone since she dialed them.


They could only hear her scream but couldn't hear the voice of the creature. The last thing they heard was Tonia's last scream before everywhere went calm.

They had to break into the apartment , too bad she was already dead in her own pool of blood just the exact manner Anna was found dead too.