Gunshots could be heard in the atmosphere as everyone who lived in Heinz street and wasn't asleep rushed to fasten their Windows.


Catherine the single mom who lived with her five year old daughter could be heard running out of her room to get her child who lay peacefully asleep in her own room. She lifted her from the bed gently placing her on her shoulders as she walked out quickly to her room.

She placed the child on her bed and stuck earpiece in her ears so she doesn't wake up from the sound of the repeated gun shots. She turned out the lamb as she pulled out her gun from one of the bedside drawers Incase of an emergency.

It was really dark that she couldn't see what was going on outside nor could she dare open her window to see what was going on for the sake of her daughter.

She lay quietly in her bed as she held her breath when she heard footsteps approaching her apartment. She said silent prayers as tears filled her eyes. She looked at her beautiful innocent daughter who knew nothing but was about to witness terror of the night which she never expected.

Down went the glasses of Catherine's room window. Everywhere went quiet for a while before a man spoke.

"Hey Catherine, get up they are coming this way, I'll carry Olivia hurry let's get going. Catherine didn't need to ask who the person was because she could recognize his voice.

She was so terrified that her feets trembled as she ran through a flight of stairs with her daughter's father behind her. He was a law practitioner and of course his life was at stake because of the recent case he was handling in Court.

His daughter and ex wife were at risk too so he had to help them. He loved his daughter so much that he didn't want any harm close to her. The assassin's were ready to do anything to get him out of the way of whoever sent them.

Jack, Olive's dad had involved the police and of course that resulted in the numerous gunshots that were heard in the vicinity of Heinz street.

They ran down the stairs and of course got to the door about to escape when a straight bullet hit Jack on the shoulder. He staggered almost dropping his daughter on the ground but Catherine was quick to catch her. Little Olive opened her eyes and her mother's heart skipped but then she closed them again.

Wow wow wow! You think you can escape with them huh? Now you all are gonna be good as dead, one of the assassin's spoke as he stretched out his hands, a gun on each hand. The right pointed at Jack and the left at his wife and daughter directly.

The moment he pulled the trigger, Jack with a quick turn hit the gun off his left hand and shot a bullet into the open space and the gun fell off too.

Catherine stood there like a hypnotized person. She was unable to move and almost left breathless. The moment she remembered she had to keep her little girl safe while her dad fought for her life she ran to the police officer who stood behind the assassin who had gotten a hold of his gun and had Jack at his Mercy.

The officer opened fire at the assassin thrice and he fell to the ground. "He was actually the last man standing and now he's gone too". Catherine exhaled as she looked at her daughter who was still sleeping peacefully and a smile beamed on her face.

The officer volunteered to drive Jack to the hospital where he was gonna get treatment and of course placed Catherine and Olive in the hands of other officers who looked after their welfare and gave them a place to sleep for the rest of the night.