Gwen woke up to the sound of people screaming which was unusual very unusual, because, it was London, Birmingham to be precise.

She heard a loud bang!!then another and suddenly, she didn’t hear anything. There was a really uncomfortable silence. Thinking it was all over, she had enough courage to stand up from the bed in a bid to check out what was going on .


When she stepped out of the room , the first thing she saw was Agnes their housekeeper, covered in blood and what looked like brain juice, with some shattered glass everywhere. Suddenly, she heard a loud groan , it was her father, her beloved father.

Without thinking, she ran downstairs only to find her father on the floor gasping for breath, trying to say something but couldn’t utter the words.

Bang !! Her father was shot leaving her covered in tiny brain particles. As she turned to see who it was that killed her father, she was held tight from behind and a white cloth was placed over her mouth and nose.
She struggled to turn to see the face of her attacker all she could see was a broad angelic face with blonde and we’ll trimmed beards .

After some seconds, she became unconscious. “Argh” Gwen moaned . She’d been out for 12 hours.
She opened her eyes to see a brightly lit room, that could pass off as a Queen’s chamber . By her side was a table of assorted and exotic dishes ,candles and bottles of red and white wine.

She felt awkward and loose ,too loose, she was half naked left with only her bra and lingerie making her feel exposed. She stood up and tried opening the door with the intents of escaping.

The door had been locked from outside and then ,Gwen began to scream and cry; she broke down totally when she remembered her father and lovely Agnes.

Damian opened the door and saw her in tears and pain and felt bad . He tried talking to her but she threw her footwear at him “why would you kill my father? What has he ever done to you? Gwen asked out of terror.

“Your father was a killer and he trafficked both women and children” Damian replied. She tried hard not to believe him but she had always suspected that her father was involved in some shady business.

Days later, Gwen had finally understood that Damian’s job as an assassin is not really bad as he killed bad people.

Even though she knew she was kidnapped, she began to develop feelings for Damian.


One night, she went downstairs and decided to explore the basement of the house. She heard bloodcurdling screams and rushed down to behold a gory sight.

She saw Damian cutting off a guy’s arms without emotions, Seeing this, she was disgusted but not scared of him.

She tried to catch her breath after beholding such horrible sight and ran out.


Damian ran after her and explained why he did that; Damian professed his love for Gwen and she did same. "I love you Damian, thank you for making me love you though it’s a stockholm syndrome” and Damian laughed.