Pushed To The Edge



"It's all over the news now mom and I'm losing my mind" Hannah said as she sank into her bed sobbing.

"It's not your fault darling but he has to go to prison and you know it, he's being charged for rape and has to face the penalty"

"But he didn't do it mom, I know he didn't" Hannah said as she wiped her tears with the back of her hands. "He may have not done it but there is evidence that he did and the law always has its way over all citizens who had committed crimes and are charged a penalty when they are finally caught" her mom concluded as she held her close trying to comfort her.

Hannah cried all night praying to God to save her boyfriend from the charge against him. She had just been engaged to him a few weeks back and they were to get married in a month's time but now this had come into play.

Hannah's boyfriend Mark had been charged of rape by one of the most famous artist of all times Brenda Mitchell and of course found was to stand a trial the next day.

Hannah cried and prayed the rosary throughout the night as the next day was gonna be the day for her boyfriend's trial. She didn't want him to go to jail. She loved him so much and the conviction that he didn't do it but someone somewhere was trying to get rid of her joy and she was also ready to fight for him afterall she was gonna be his solicitor.

An energy from nowhere got into Hannah as she got up from the ground which she knelt to pray, got her laptop, opened it and searched up a name.

"Brenda Mitchell" she called out slowly, "why the hell are you after Mike's life and what does he have to do with you"? She was ready to dig into the case and so she spent the rest of the night documenting information and writing down addresses.

Hanna was woken by her alarm which was set to ring at 4am. She brushed her teeth, and put on a casual cloth, grabbed her car keys and off she went.


The early hours of the morning was soothing to her as she was able to think straight for the first time since Mike's case of rape came up. She turned on her radio and all the stations were speaking of Mike's trail which was gonna take place in a few hours.

She drove as fast as she could looking up the addresses she had in her hands from time to time and when she got to her destination she stopped to confirm she was really at the place.

She got out of her car and walked into the exotic compound. She exhaled as she reached for the doorbell and pressed it.

The door went open after three trials of pressing the bell. An old lady shot her neck out of the door and said "who visits another person at this time of the night"? Hannah was sorry but she was there for business and not pleasure so she had to devise a means to which the old lady would adhere to and let her into the house.

"Do you care for a cup of tea my child" the old lady spoke softly with a smile to meet one of Brenda's meekest friends and Hannah nodded in disagreement while the old lady made tea for herself only.

"Poor child! But you're cold and wet from the early morning snow" the old lady said as she sat on the couch facing Hannah. "I'm fine ma'am"! "If you say so my child" the old lady spoke as she adjusted on her seat for proper balance.

"What news do you bring from Brenda to me, it's been ages since I set eyes on that music star"? "Oh…. yes! She didn't actually send a message though she asked me to send her greetings since she's too busy handling the case of the young man she wants to throw in jail hahaha" Hannah said as she herself couldn't comprehend the kinda lie that came out of her mouth. She had to shake the thought off and focus on what brought her to the old lady's house. She tapped the record button on her phone and wished everything went well.

"Poor Mikey, they used to be lovers but Mike refused to marry her after being eight years in a relationship with her and has chosen to settle with an unknown girl, this pushed my little girl to the edge that she seeks revenge" the old lady said emotionally as she sipped her tea.

Hannah was dumbstruck. She had tears in her eyes but she had to control it lest her undercover mission be exposed.


It was getting bright outside and Hannah looked at her time. After having a long talk with the old lady, she felt it was time to go home and so she parted ways with the woman who asked her to visit again.

She got into her car, ignited the engine and sped off, she felt fulfilled and thanked the internet for being her best friend. "You told me about all your female friends but this particular person Mike, you'll pay for this but first let me get you out of that God forsaken place" she spoke as if she was talking to Mike directly.

When she got home, she dashed into her room and changed into a pair of black skirt and a shirt to match. She got her gown, grabbed the coffee on the table, took a sip and off she went to the court.

The time for the trial was near and everyone was seated, Brenda Mitchell walked in and stood in the dock, where she'd lay her complaints. Hannah watched each step she took with disdain.

The judge was finally seated and the case was declared open. There was a lot of argument that finally Hannah felt she was loosing, so she had to bring forth her strong reason and of course proof that her boyfriend didn't in any way rape Brenda Mitchell. She played the record from the conversation with Brenda's mom and everyone in the courtroom went dumbstruck.

Brenda herself couldn't comprehend what was going on, neither could the judge. The meeting was adjourned till the next day where judgment would be given.


Mike covered his face as she couldn't believe his girlfriend could go miles for him. He knew they had won the case unless the judge wasn't going to be fair.

Brenda Mitchell went to the judge and bribed him with a huge sum of money to proclaim judgment in her favor but he declined her offer and said he was gonna do what was right in the eyes of God, the law and man.

Brenda was jamming to the song from her playlist and her mom watched her in awe, she was gonna party the moment the case was pronounced in her favor. She twirled from right to left as her soul had found peace again.

"Crrrrrrinnnnnn" went to the alarm by her bedside. She jerked awake and hurried to the bathroom. It was the day of the judgment and it was everywhere on the net and radio stations.

She got out of the house looking hot in her gown. "Wish me luck mom" she said to her mother with a smile. "Go and succeed," her mother said to her as they hugged and parted.

At the courtroom, the judge was seated and everyone who was interested in the case. Mike was seen panting as his chest went up and down, Hannah said silent prayers because no one knows what Brenda the filthy rich kid could do as she stood in her dock smiling.

My judgment" the whole hall went silent as a graveyard, that if a pin dropped, the sound could be heard. "I find the accused not guilty of the allegations so hereby set him free".

Brenda was disappointed and heart broken at the same time. Mike couldn't wait to get a hold of his soon to be wife.

Hannah returned home smiling, she sank into the chair and called her friends for a party at her place.

The party started, there was a lot of dancing and drinks and food for everyone then the doorbell rang.

Hannah reached for the door and guess who was there? Mike! She hugged him passionately and suddenly someone appeared behind them. It was Brenda who had come to grace their occasion.

Hannah was surprised and scared at the same time to see her. "Congratulations Hannah and Mike, I see you love each other so much, can I join your party"? Brenda spoke with so much humility to the awe of everyone.

Hannah let her in and the celebration made history in the hearts of many.


The message in the first placard is clear and strong!


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