May be just a dream....


Lilian breathed out as she woke up after having a nightmare. She was glad it was just a dream as she rushed to her daughter's room to check how she's doing before she thought of the dream as a mere hallucination.

Kelly was fast asleep in her bed as her duvet was covered from her head to her feet just revealing the shape that a human was actually sleeping in the bed and so Lilian left with a sigh of relief.

She got back to her room and lay back in bed, still thinking of who could kidnap her daughter and why, she had wronged no one and was just an innocent single mom.

She stayed in bed for a while and then decided to go check on her daughter again, when she got there, this time she decided to uncover the duvet to be doubly sure.

She uncovered it and found no one in it but Kelly's teddy, her feets trembling as she thought of shouting but wouldn't want to disturb the neighborhood. Sweat beads covered her skin as the only thought that came to her mind was to call the police

Was her dream coming true she thought and decided to wave off such thought. She sat on the floor as she dialed the police but there was no network at the moment. Lilian threw her phone to the ground and it broke instantly then she turned and looked at it.

That was her only hope of finding her precious daughter, she got up in tears as she rushed to the kitchen to get her car keys so she could go report the issue to the police.

Her face messed up with tears and hair terribly scattered she scurried to the kitchen only to find Kelly sitting on the dining table and munching sandwiches. "Kelly is that you"? Lilian asked with a very shaky voice.

"What's wrong mom? It's me, why do you have tears in your eyes, what happened?*" Kelly said as she looked around for anything that must have made her mom cry.

"I thought you were kidnapped baby, because I had a nightmare that you were and when I went to your room, I didn't see you there so I thought you were kidnapped". Lilian spoke between sobs.

"I'm fine mom, it's just a nightmare okay! Besides, look at the time it's morning and so I got out of bed to have breakfast. I didn't want to disturb you, you know!".


Lilian was so happy that she got short of words and embraced her twelve year old kid then she said "yeah the time, I didn't notice that since the house is still a bit dark". Then she bursted out laughing as she moved over to open the blinds. Kelly just shook her head and smiled.