Makers and breakers of the law!


It's been celebration upon celebration for a few days now and I really did not want to think that something terrible could happen to someone at this time of the year.

Yesterday I rushed to the market a bit early in the morning to grab some veggies for my Christmas cooking before heading out of the house and on my way back I was almost run over by a police vehicle while trying to cross the highway.


You may be thinking why I didn't look left and right before trying to cross the road but this particular road isn't one to look left and right.

The highway is dual making it possible for cars to go one-way which made me concentrate on the cars coming towards my direction and when I saw that the road was a bit free for crossing, I decided to take advantage only for a police van to take the wrong lane breaking the one-way rule almost knocking me out if not that I quickly moved backwards and they sped past me not even minding if they hit me.

When I eventually scurried home, I narrated my near death experience to my sister which made her disclose a case she was handling recently in court;

The same police had driven their van so recklessly violating the one-way policy and knocked down a young guy who was on his way back from work and he died at the spot.

They knocked out an innocent young man due to their violation of the same rules they jail people who violate it. The case now is in court and they argued their guilt by saying it wasn't a police personnel that drove the van but a civilian and I'm like what the hell is up with these people?

Even if it was a civilian who drove the van, there were police personnel in their uniforms seated in this same van according to the witnesses who could have easily controlled the movement, speed and direction of the driver.

The same individuals that see to the rules and regulations of the highway are the same individuals that run over citizens on the same highway due to the no check system we are experiencing in the country.


There's "no check" in the police system, they go about doing what they want, killing innocent Citizens and having cock and bull story to tell for their misdemeanor.

These spawns of satan don't even feel remorseful for their actions but yet become worse as the day goes by which has been a serious cause for alarm and if nothing is done about it, in no time within the span of one week they are gonna run over fifty people in still on the highway.

If they make the laws, does it mean they are immune to it? Of course not! No one is above the law even the people who wrote the bills are not immune themselves.

At least I'm alive to tell the story and never wish for such experience anymore. I've learnt my lesson the hard way to look left and right whether on a one-way road or not.

Thanks for finding time to read!


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