Journey motive...

Out in the sun I walk the highway, to nowhere precise steps like I'm on a runway.


Thoughts in my head my brain bangs like drums, feeling like I just recovered from a thud.

The sun high, the sky so bright, blinding my eyes and heating my brain up. Choices were something I really had none, hope and dreams my journey set on.

Walking the highway my feet were failing me, dusty and rusty my breath was getting weak, forward ever backward never I thought of my recipe, so onward I went backwards I resent.

The clouds pregnant a shower came down persistence in me never giving up I will. Thunder and lightning playing a battle game, over my head they sought to find fame.


But I step on, all night on rocks, battling with fear and sounds that scare. My brain losing its vibes and frame, I wondered if I'll get there just sane.

Nightlife, the worst of all times, creepy, spooky at the same time. I moved on never to look back. A journey motive I had at hand.

Never giving up no matter the obstacles, stepping on thorns falling and rising, forward I hit the highway, straight on to nowhere precisely.

Maybe to a place precisely, In search of greenery to be specific, the suffering all day and night long where I was seemed like a stumbling block.

I made up my mind to journey I will, Notwithstanding the dark things I see, I'll fight back even with my last breath to be sure I'll win even to the very end. I'll stay strong no matter what's wrong,the journey's motive that I must attain.

Sunrise increasing in its Pace, that alone gave hope for another day. I stepped up, cleaned up with a straight face and I set back to my journey again.

My journey brought smiles, hope and light. Better days ahead I had in mind, sanity restored and greater I am.