In love with the anonymous guy!!!

Walking on the dark streets of Brooklyn, Gina felt as though someone was watching her. Turning back, she finds out that she is been followed by three creepy men who look drunk.


“Hey beautiful, wait up, let’s get to know each other.” One of the men says and the rest laugh. Gina increases her footsteps and decides to pass an alley.

She got to the end and finds out it’s a blocked road she felt lost and has been cornered by the three creeps. “Don’t come any closer you creeps, I know taekwondo and I won’t hesitate to use it” Gina shakily said and the men laughed at her menacingly.

Suddenly she felt a dark and ominous presence in the alley "I would leave her if I were you”. A deep and dark voice booms in the alley.

“Who are you? Come to join in the fun? “ one of the creeps snarled and smirks. “No but you would not have any fun because soon you’ll have no mouths to speak, now run off idiots”.

The first man looked up and saw someone leaning on the wall with a dark aura around him. “You can’t do shit, you asshole. So scram” another man spoke.

Before Gina could blink twice, she saw a shadow in front her and swiftly one of the men's head fell to the ground with his other body parts strewn everywhere.

The shadow was so quick at execution and inno time does same to the remaining creeps then moves over to the already frozen Gina. She tried to look into his eyes but all she could see was blood all over and the last thing she heard before she blackes out was the trembling but romantic voice of her anonymous helper saying "MINE”.

Gina woke up in her room at her apartment feeling refreshed from a great sleep. She tried to remember how she got to her room as everything played back in her head and she remembers the spirit as she called him who saved her.

“Naa, it was just a dream at least I think so”. She decided to just stay home for the day and go grocery shopping in the evening.

The sun was beginning to set and so Gina freshened up, had her meal and set out to the grocery at exactly 7pm.

Again she felt like she is been watched and followed so she hastens her steps looking back occasionally but saw no one to be precisely seen as a suspect who'd follow her.

At a point she stopped walking turned around looking everywhere then she felt that dark presence from last night. She wanted to take to her heels but she hits her head on the street light pole that was close by and the last thing on her mind is what "beautiful eyes he has".

Gina jerks awake and sees she is in another room it was pretty dark outside. She walked out the already open door and trailed down the stairs.

“Hello? Who’s here?” she asked with a shaky voice as she reached a dark hallway, she sees a black wooden door, trembling she turns the handle without knocking and is shocked to the bone to see the guy who saved her the previous night from the hoodlums.

Xander looked up when he heard the sound of the door opening, she gasps when she sees his eyes. They were a bit cold and so emotionless but absolutely charming at the same time.

“Come in Gina, I won’t hurt you. You’re mine. I only hurt those who messes with you.”

"I feel like I'm seriously dreaming right now" Gina exclaimed with her eyes wide open and her hands covering her mouth.

She used her eyes to study his well built body, she loved what was happening and wished if it was a dream, she never wanted to wake up from it.


He sensed her thoughts, stood up from his seat and walked up to her, "I'm Xander it's nice to finally have you here with me, I've always watched you from afar and loved you since the very first day, never felt that way for anyone before and I knew you were special so it always hurt me when I see people trying to hurt what I love that's why I intervened the last time. I was also looking for the perfect way to get closer to you and not scare you off I…" she put her finger on his lips, and hugged him.

She felt safe in his arms, his speech was perfect, his accent a wow, his body charming and his eyes was the most beautiful she had ever seen. Gina fell for him that minute and of course their love life just began.