I'll Be Waiting For You...




Watching the moon run pass the night, then wish the morning sun and it would collide

Counting the stars all spread in the skies, imageries of your smiles and mine

We could hit the mall and get us some awkward dresses, pestering the neighborhood with our endless thrills

You'd be my rock when Bob's away
My flaws you'd put away
With a touch, you could numb the pain
Cause your love you shower on me like a rain

Tell me stories till the midnight claims
Peace that can only be found in my sleep
Silent and calm in your embrace
Tales of us I'd tell my kids

Cookies in the morning, struggling through the bathroom
Battling in the closet, there you go running off in my shoes.

Running into your crush, oh boy your heart took a halt
Your head met a log friend as you tried to exit in a rush

Oh dear Becky, I'll call you that until we actually meet
Could you tell Mike I got a cold? I've been trying to get him to leave

Oh maybe tell Josh Mom has some visitors over
I need him to skip dinner and get drilled

Haven't got to smell you but I love the fragrance you're wearing

I know you'd think I'm crazy, but girl black goan get you a ring

Your eyes are purple madness, I can't get over dishing out these compliments

If refreshments were likened to humans, then girl I would name you fine wine

Can I have this dance? I promise I won't step on your toes…

Oh are my hands so cold? I know my temperature drops when we're this close

It's sad how this feels so real, but reality be taking the steal

I'll have my heart cleaned so you'll be pleased, cause I'll never ever let you leave… My bestie…


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