Every positive thought is a silent prayer


I remember sometime back the thought I used to have of getting admitted to the university and imagining myself doing so well in school and honestly! I see those thoughts coming to play nowadays even though it took years to manifest.

I didn't give up on speaking positively, I persisted even when things didn't seem right. I kept saying it and working it and today I'm glad I did.

Every time one sits to have positivity running through his or her mind it's always a life changing moment whether the thinker is aware or not.


I woke up this morning, picked up my phone, turned it on and saw messages from my boyfriend asking me to recite some positive words before getting out of bed. I smiled as I saw those messages and followed same.

It's become mandatory to wake up to speak positive words because I know it would impact my life so much in my near tomorrow.

Take a little time today and speak positive words and let your clouds of positivity shower rain of amazing impacts on your life which would change your life forever.

With love from teknon 💙.

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