Night night night roll my hands
On a codeine
Cross my heart
I got secrets in a coffin
There's this bleeding
There's this crying and coughing
Twenty four candles got my eyes in
mayhem, may crash let my soul in
Can't laugh, can't cry
Take the smoke in.
Inner me I got hills growing
Just this time I feel like I'm drowning.

Sick shits got me sobbing
Feels like am dead living
Don't know what this all mean.
Love got me so damaged

I be getting horror filled dreaming
He ain't on earth to please me
But I won't cry cause you're leaving
ama just gonna keep sinning

I see things up in my ceiling
Shadow over clouds my feeling
I ain't got friends just foes here
Don't care right? It's okay!

Damn it how it don't last long
You ain't tryna sing my song
ama pulin out my gun
That's if I have one
Played me along
Made me the sad one
I know I'm not wrong
Just wanna kiss my own.