Adams plight: A picture is worth a thousand words.



It was Friday morning and Adams had been earlier invited to an interview in one of the companies he had submitted his CV.

He picked up his watch and looked at the time, it was past 7 am already and his interview was set for 8am.

He called for an Uber driver immediately as he couldn't waste his time joining the public transport.

He cleaned up real fast and was ready in no time leaving his house in total mess as he really needed the job with his life.

On stepping outside the driver had been waiting patiently for him and so he hurriedly got in a the back seat and off they went.

He got to the company as expected. The uber driver was a good one. Adams was delayed a bit by the security officer who wanted to know his aims and ambition at the company. He had narrated his mission to the security and was finally let in.

He got into screening hall where there were lots of job seekers just like himself. He was scared that maybe his name has been called already but decided to wait and let fate decide.

As he sat there, his thoughts went back to the fight he had with his girlfriend. Melissa Adams girlfriend was tired of his joblessness and decided to speak up which brought about the fight they had.

It was just the day before the interview, Adams was a hard-working young man who had lost his previous job because of the same woman all because he was trying to please her.

Adams loved Melissa promising her heaven and Earth, he had pleaded in tears the day they had a fight that he'll find a job. He begged Melissa to wait for him that he wanted to surprise her but Melissa being the nagging type broke up with him and stormed out of his presence.

He woke up that late due to the fact that he had stayed up all night trying to get her back but his plea proved fruitless and he thought the only way out was to get the job.

He was snapped out if his thoughts by a tap on his shoulder, "it's time for your interview" the voice said.

He walked into the office and shut the door after himself. Few minutes later he came out looking emotionless and no one knew what had happened if he was offered the job or not.

Adams went straight to Melissa's place and in his arrival no one seemed to be home but the door was left ajar and so he walked in to be doubly sure.

He called out for Melissa but got no response, he looked in the garden, kitchen but there was no sight of Melissa and then he decided to check her room.

There he found Melissa, having a great time with another man. He looked at her with tears welling up in his eyes.

He walked out of the house, took off his glasses as he couldn't bear the pain anymore, he wiped the little drop of tears that struggled to come out as he was unable to think straight. He stood outside for a moment to clear his head.

Of course he was given the job, he just wanted to make things right with the woman he loved but she didn't seem to be interested anymore maybe for the fact that she didn't wait to get the surprise.

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