As time passes by, no matter how fast the time ticks on the clock, still, learning never stop.
As we go through different path as we grow old, the chances of learning new things is still on the higher rate. No matter what we do, there's a learning from it.

As we interact with other people around us, we can still gain some knowledge from them especially if they talk about their experiences in life that will somehow inspire us to do better like them or to not repeat the mistakes they did, with that learning seems like transporting unto our nerves upto to our brain.

As we sit quietly at the couch in our home, either watching on the television or reading books, learning is still there.

Most of the things we do everyday are connected to learning.

There are always new skills to be learned and techniques for us to adopt.

Look at those successful person in the world. Do you think they will be in that place where they are now if their brain is empty? Of course, they have to learn first. Even if some of them are not a degree holder, still what makes them successful is their courage to learn new skills not just found in books but in real life situation.

Learning from experiences, from other people, by doing it by themselves at a time, and learning to be responsible are some of the best weapons for them to succeed. They never think of stopping to learn, but instead they learn day by day until the perfection they are aiming for will happen. But, even if they already achieved their goals, there are still more knowledge and skills waiting to unfold, so to be the best version than before, learn with everything, forever.

There are million reasons for us to continuously learn. Learning should never stop, because it's like the heart of our daily life. If we limit ourselves from what we already know, how can we move forward to the days when everything seems unfamiliar to us?

Isn't it confusing if we got into a situation where we don't know nothing about? Yes, of course. That's why we should always learn, always make some room for new things that we are about to gain, and practice utilizing it for us to get prepared on future's purposes.

I will not write down all the million reasons for us to never cut down opportunities to learn, but I will just summarize those into few

..... Learning will make us happy
Isn't it satisfying if you gain an important knowledge that made you reach your goals?

I, myself, is very happy as well everytime I discovered a new skill of mine. Before, I am not that good in presenting a lesson to my teacher and classmates inside our room. That feeling when I am always stuttering while explaining my topic and can't think properly of a good answer when some of them asked for clarifications. But, as days passed by, I started to observe how my teacher discussed effectively to us, I also watched some video tutorials in YouTube about that, gone through different articles for me to learn essential strategies, and most importantly I focused more in mastering the topic assigned to me. With that, I am slowly improving until there was a time when one of my teachers complemented me for being a well-versed presenter. From that moment, I am very happy that all of my hardworks have been paid-off and my learnings were not wasted for nothing.

Learning can be tough and will never be easy, but having an accomplishments because of the knowledge we gained are so satisfying.

The more we learned new things, the more we get nearer to our goals. And if that goals were achieved by us, the happiness is irreplaceable.

..... Learning will make us a great coach
We can master things effectively if someone teach us more knowledge and strategies, but what's more fulfilling is that, we can also teach other people about what we've learned.

When we gain more lessons, the more we can teach other people effectively. We cannot give what we don't have. If we lack knowledge about something in particular, how can we be a great coach for them? What lessons or skills should we impart to them, if we know nothing? If we continue to learn, there's a huge possibility that our knowledge will be widen, and with that, we can share many things to our soon to be learners that will make us a great coach/teacher.

....... Learning will make us powerful
No one can beat a smart person with a big heart.

The more we learned something, the more we became powerful to conquer everything and will never be easily deceived whatever circumstances we are facing. We will become a critical thinkers who seek for accuracy and validity of an information without easily jumping into a conclusion.

There are lots of advantages that we can get from learning. Learning is not an instant process. We can commit mistakes throughout the process, but it's okay, as long as we are getting nearer to our goals. Learning should never stop. As we learn new things day by day, opportunities are lying with it as well. But if we cut it off, everything will turn blankly without hope. We should never be afraid to gain something again. We should never limit ourselves from what we already knew, but rather seek for new ideas that will open new doors.

Just like what the saying goes, "old ways will never open new doors" so if you want something different that what you have before, then learn new things that can be a key to open another opportunities.

Learn something to be happy, to be a great teacher, to be more powerful, and to make a difference in this world.

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This is a very good content as you have talked about the importance of learning in life,I can't but agreed with you that learning in life is very essential to our growth in life,I might not have enough to actually say or typed on this cause to me you have really done well handling the topic very well

Just like you mentioned in the content

old ways will never open new doors"
If don't learn new things it will very hard for us to compete with people at the highest level or those around us who as learnt lot of things above us,it is very essential that in the process of learning in life will should be willing in getting new ideas

One of my favourite quote says

It is not a crime if you don't know everything,but you must know something about everything

Which means knowing everything in life might not be possible as learning too is not easy especially when you try to know everything in life,but know something about everything is what will distinguished you in life

Been consistent too needs to do with learning as I do believed that nothing comes with giving more attention and dedication towards it

You mentioned success people too in your content and I so much agreed with you also that those set of people are at the top today cause they learn often everyday and that is why they are at the level they are today

We all have our perspective about learning and our opinion at times can differs from each other,but still I have one big understanding in life that;

Your knowledge of yesterday might not help you to overcome today struggles

See important learning can be ,cause life on it own changes often and new things tend to show up everyday,see the importance not learning is very vital and it can be overlooked at all in our society and even in life,cause that is one of the things that helps us in getting to the top in life

Learning can be tough and hard at times, especially when learning new things in a new environment or learning in a new way,but having focus on it is the most important thing as it will yield a good end results later

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You brought a wider and better view to what the author talked about,thank you very much

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