Today morning my activity

  • Today is Sunday and January 15th. Like every day, when I woke up today, Fajr call was being made. When I went to do ablution, the water was very cold because the winter season has started. I performed ablution with cold water with difficulty and offered Fajr prayer. After the Fajr prayer, I recited a few verses of the Holy Quran. After reciting the Holy Quran, I will go to the courtyard of my house. The sun was starting to rise. First I drank a glass of fresh water. Then I spent some time in the fresh morning air of recreation. Then I will go to the kitchen to make breakfast. First I made tea. Then I made parathas with desi ghee. And I also made local egg omelettes. After cooking breakfast, I went to the children's room and woke up the children and refreshed them. Then I had breakfast with the children. Today my son had a day off from school because today is Sunday, so my son went to Madrasah to read Quran. This morning there was a lot of fog, later the sun rose fully. When my son went to school, then I would be busy with housework.
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