Be kind to others

My dear friends, how are you doing this afternoon? Hopefully God always gives you long life, health and also always in the protection of God..

As human beings created by God , we should be kind to one another.

Social behavior is something that is highly recommended by religion because social behavior is part of helping each other and working together in our lives as human beings who have moral and social values ​​in our souls.

Living by not behaving socially towards others is like we live alone because between us and other people there is no communication in the social field.

If we have social feelings towards other people, it means that we are generous human beings, which means that we have good and commendable character.

Helping someone doesn't have to be from the neighbourhood alone or your loved one only , but you can also help someone that you don't even know at all...

Helping in the form of services is also part of our social relationship with other people because helping each other is a very large form of social interaction.

That's all I can write this afternoon, hopefully it will be useful for friends who read this post.....

Don't forget suggestions and criticism from all my friends because your suggestions and criticisms are very useful and meaningful for me so that I know where my weaknesses and mistakes are in my every writing and in the future I hope that it will get better..

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