Do you want to know why I am staking all my vibes?

Yo we are the Stick Up Boys in Brighton UK, check out our links here and follow and message us and we will hook up with you on other platforms. We came here to Hive to meet new people and engage with musicians and if we were lucky to find a few fans! It is smaller than shouting out to the ether on insta and twitter, we are also getting "paid" to share our large collection of content, which can't be a bad thing. However this post is about why we are staking all our vibes?

This is our wallet :


We were lucky enough to have just joined up on Hive before M4L started and it was exciting to be part of something new. Not only was it new but was also about our passion, music. SO here are the main reasons we are in for the long haul.


It is nice to be part of a smaller more accesible community. We are only just starting but already we are getting to know a few people.


We love music so listening to new music is a big part of what we do. We are not overwhelemed by the large ammount of content here like we are on twitter! This means we can really listen.

Links to other groups

We love the links to rising stars and to ACR as there are lots of cool musicians on there. We also think rising stars is a banging idel game and we are looking forward to how it develops!


The chats on discord are a must go to if you are new and it is a good way to find new connections and friends.

Spreading the love

Not only recieving upvotes and comments, which are always greatfully recieved but by giving other creators genuine support both in terms of comments and feedback but also small financial rewards. it is hard to make any money in this game and while I have no idea to turn any of our tokens or hives to actual cash it is still cool!

Being part of something

Being part of something new, innivative and ultimately slighlty inaccesable and secret sounds cool to us!

Looking forward

I strongly believe that this is the future of social media and I find it much more satisfying than other forms of social media! If this is the future then it is good to be here now.

Sharing our content

We are constant in our generation of new music, art and video and this is a great place to share it!

So if you dont know us then get to know us and lets hook up on other sites too knowing that we are in a secret and exclusive club called Music 4 Life, that soon, lots of other poeple are going to want to join!

Big up the music!

The Stick Up Boys

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