Universal Chill Pass


Everyone and Everything has a Structural Resonance about Itself Here.

I am thinking that a Universal Chill Pass would be a useful instrument and way of establishing world wide Infrastructure for the ease of movement everywhere.

In many respects, it's a really bad joke that there exists so many limitations about coming here or going there....when you really consider that any out 'there' or over 'there' is really just actually a function and extenstion on the point of HERE.

Earth is a shared Playground.

Creating and establishing an INfrastructure that is rooted in and as Sound Itself would cut out all the 'middle man bullshit'...where it's justified that people must beg for permission to come here or go there. That's so dumb. Doesn't make any sense.

Every Year people are sneaking across boarders. Why Boarders in the first place. Safety? Security? Illusions of Security/Trust? Money?! Control?! Freedom?!

If you think about the ease of mobility from and to all places on the earth...it makes for an easy ability for goods and services to flow...

It's kind of interesting how it's like the FLOW is the Force of Life Itself...and it's like always related to control/spin...in a way ...where it's like....WOAHA.....Must Regulate the FLOW with some kind of RULE to exercise Dominion.

Corpocracy is like a game of snakes and ladders...which is kind of by design?!

Heaven On Earth is the micro made manifest as the macro Here.

Physical Hierarchy of Organization is rooted at the atomic/molecular level as Virus and Bacteria. Cells. Micro Organisms.

Fascinating times in Technology as we realize we're HIGH Tech as Fuck.


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