Unity in Thoughts, Words and Deed


Every Snowflake is a unique hexagonal structure. It's a fascinating observation of sorts. I mean, that's a cool function/dimension of Life energy/sound itself...

Common Sense is the 1 + 1 + 1... equation...which to me, is a fascinating point of both word and world regards from the perspective of math/counting/seeing/perspective/unity/expression/meaning/reason

I like to play with abstract thinking...
I think that's because I appreciate the rudimentary nature of Concrete building...

If our thoughts, words and deeds become 'too concrete'...that's like making the abstract real over time by continuing to pulse that within our-cells(ourselves). Physical Rock Stars in/as the Sand of Time.
It's an interesting ponderance into the philosohpy of 'Rock-it-man'....in this moment I am reminded of the book i recently read, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" and where the solution to the 'gravity of the seriousness of the problems needing solutions' is simply to commit to the process of 'throwing rocks'.

SEEDS are in and as the design of Sounds/Movements/Expressions/Structure we make. Nature natures our nurture...and what exactly that is...and looks like...is an individual process of discovery that is a sharing of sorts as the unwrapping of our Best Life Gifts as the Gift that keeps on Giving. We're literarly planting/planning/shaping/styling/projecting Life Itself as the PULSE of Creation in and as every moment.

FOCUS is the continuing framework for expansionary growth and development. It's interesting really How each One individually holds this opportunity and ability to FOCUS Itself Here...Where within and as the results of Creating Focus....we open up ourselves to a whole new world of possibilities as ways to Create Direction for our Future that is Worthy of our Focus.

SHARING is the Dream made Manifest. It is trully a real pleasure...Aunthenticity/Diversity/Creativity always all ways lives inside our Best Sharing(s). What's fascinating to me is that you cannot have awesome Sharing Experiences without Enjoyment.

These two words are bonded together like Oneness and Equality. I think that bonds of two or more in complimentary agreement create the conditions for new Creative Direction and Visions that seem to be rooted in a trinity equation of Fun/Funny/Serious...in no particular ordering...meaning it's a timeless signature sequencing of sorts.

Everything I write. I write first and foremost for myself. I find sharing writing from the starting framework of allowing myself to FLOW/FREESTYLE is a way to Flex/Play with and as my capacity to HeArticulate myself and perhaps create something worth reading and re-reading that is cool.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to sometimes justify giving attention to thoughts that are questionable at best. I realize...juuust as these thoughts seemingly arose from the middle of nowhere...it is my responsbility and expression to simply let go of thoughts....juuuust as easy as they come.....AND, When I recognize I am having My Own Reaction inside my Thinking, to my thoughts themselves......It is a Gifting Opportunity for expansionary alignment...transcending conflict within and so to without.

Middle of Now Here
Nowhere is always contains 'now here'.
Word Play is Endless.
Word PLay is Timeless?!

I commit myself to utilizing Writing as a practical structure to support myself and others with practicing/playing from the Heart of our Pulse as fun/funny/serious ways to HeArticulate familiar matter for the best benefit of myself and others as me.

Most underrated Crypto/Product I know of Today is HEX, it's fascinating to me ---> the strength and talent of the Community. The Hexican Community has supported me in a multitude of ways to realize and understand that the best life experiences are always SHARED as the Gift that keeps on giving.

EQAFE matches HEX in terms of both WOW Factor and Profound Creative Direction. 'Every Question Answered For Existence'.


Cheers and Best Wishes as the Every-To-Day Living Words Process as our World and Words are Alive!