Self-Forgiveness is Regenerative Like Technology


Self-For/Pro-Giving seems to be a Timeless formula of sorts. Governance for our Internal Pressure Controls. Microscopic direction of Sound Itself at a Cellular Level.

Self-forgiveness is like a breath, stemming from that infinite moment always all ways existent between breaths.

The Breath is in Rhythm with our Heart. Slow Flow Breathing creates an easy Pace of Heart. Heart rearranged spells Earth.

Exercising Our Capacity for Breath is an Easy Way to exercise our Heart. HeART of Self-Expression.

Our sense of Self-Esteem is regulated by our capacity to breathe/work/play/live Well.

Letting go of our Reactions is the Heart of Self-Forgiveness. The Act and Practice of Creative Direction and Expression for Our Life Water Here.

My posts are a way for me to write out some of my make room inside for more expansion so to speak. Sometimes in writing...I pause or leave writing like it's burdened somehow with this taint of effort in being inadequate in some way...i realize that is the pain in living so to speak...i is a labor of love...and love is work made visible...Writing is some of my favorite work..and..sharing the work as it my way of playing with self-in-to-me-i-see.

My Favorite 2 Crypto Products Today

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