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I've been a BIG propent of Techno-Tutor since its inception

The fundamental understanding in the design mechanics is that of the "Tachistoscope".

The product software is specifically designed to assist and support the symetry of knowledge and information in our mind and body with the awareness that our World is made up of the Words we use and know.

My personal experience is that the product supports ourselves in realizing how we're our own organic robots so to speak.

The Memory is in the Meat. #physicalreality

Our speaking is a result of our self-esteem in and as our words and so to our world.

Confidence is KING.

When and as we're at Ease without the turbulence of unkempt swirling energies...we're grounded and rooted here as the Tree of Life,

For me personally,
We create our Knowledge Tree as the Words to Our World as the practical means to navigating and coordinating ourselves Here in this World. The experience of myself here is multidimensional in nature.

Growing up through public education testing...I remember noticing an interesting thing...My effectiveness in scoring well on tests was always a relative reflection of my comprehension of the words/vocabulary/terminology...

It's fascinating, because the only times I ever experienced harship in my school testing is when I was at odds with the language/material....meaning there was a disonance in my comprehension of the words that shaped the particular pedagogy.

Simplicity is the Art in Heart of Sophistication...and there is always all ways an Art to best practice Articulation.

Every single field of study is rooted in specific vocabulary.

The Purity and Innocence of Words exists beyond any frame of dissonance that is caused by emotion and feeling.

The Alpha Bet is to know our ABC's as to HOW we create our WHY in and as our very REASON we give to ourselves in sharing our self-expressions in the experiences we create for ourselves and each other.

Life isn't happening to us...that would be a victim mentality that's not real. Life Happens for US, by US, as US, One and Equal Here...meaning the micro shapes the macro as our shared collective projection here.

For sometime, I was at odds with the word, Responsibility,
My strategic thinking for the word and my life direction was that for my success would be measured and determined by my ability to evade and avoid responsibility to the best of my abilities as in my thinking that meant freedom.

I was totally mistaken in what it practically means to live,

I didn't even notice the wordplay within and as Responsibility....the simplicity being my ability to response....Response Ability. Simple. Wow.

This experience was a bit of a wow to me as like I had it all backwards in terms of actually creating the best life for myself and for those in my world.

I had another similar experience with the base architechting wordplay with the wording and concept of Self-Forgiveness, like it didn't register at all, like to me it seemed like some sort of hocus pocus magic trick that was entirely make believe from some real of moral conviction and that it was like cheating in a way because I could give it to myself and I did not need the permission of a third party.

It's a funny, fun, and serious point. The Act and Hearfelt Play of Self-Forgiveness.

The purity and innocence of Words to me is the practicality in living words as our SWORD to Cut and Shape as the very Lifestyling of our participation in this lifetime for the best benefit of ourselves and others.

The practice of self-forgiveness became unexpectedly, a rather tangible way for me to mechanically, systematically, and quantum intuitively process through the layers of my mind wrapped up in an assortment of energies with various charges, all kind of perculating in a sort of dissonance from my deep-state-of-heart....

I think at a rather young age i developed a sense of anger about pain itself and the experience of pain, and i rationalized it somewhat as no pain, no gain and that I have a high pain tolerance...it took me a long time to understand the extent to which in my mind and thinking I could hide from actually having the balls to be symbiotic in my seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly of my acceptances and allowances in thought, word and deed.

Profundity in/as the fact of the matter of 'Blind Spots' Meaning the point totally wasn't clear and needed to play out in order to be seen, realized, and self-directed/corrected as the Living Change Made Manifest.

The product Techno-Tutor supported me in becoming more wholesome in my awareness of myself. After playing with the software for sometime, I realized that if I had access to this technology when I was a small child...or at any point really...through my public schooling....I would have totally been the master of every field of study i participated in.

To me the experience in self-recognition was/is mind blowing humor and humility as the ying yang song and dance dynamic dichotomy in our shared symphony always on broadcast live.

I know and understand I can be quite ridiculous in how I communicate myself with my words. It's been an expansion point of play for me since I was Young...anyone remember mad libs....or ad libs....was basically like fill in the blanks for short stories.

As I small child I was extremely entertained by my capacity to insert the word FUCK or some form of FUCK into every category of wording... my parents and elementary teachers never seemed to be too impressed. lol.

Speaking of Parents and Parenting,
I don't know if there exists a Responsibility that is greater than that of a Parent's Responsibility to Care for the Well Being of their Child.

I think every single parent who meaningfuly takes on the responsibility for their child/children wants unequivocally the best possible life for their child/children.

Historically, I've been a pretty shitty abasador of Techno-Tutor...kind of been my own secret toy of sorts......I mean not totally.....buuuut I am starting to realize, understand and know that I could actually communicate and my stories and experiences to parents who may find value and support for their children developing a real appreciation in Living Words as the Coordinates Here to be Play in Our Shared Existence Here.

#Playground Plant It Heart

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