Our Brain Is a Map of the World? Post#2

brain mapping

We got a Right Hemisphere and We Got a Left Hemisphere.

We got a Northern Hemishphere and We Got a Southern Hemisphere.

Right Hemisphere is known as the Creative Intuitive Side, while Left Hemisphere is known as the Logic Analytical Side.

It's an interesting point of basic Brain Regards, as each being is by design a whole brain makeup of both the Left and the Right together...

Reminds me of a quandry of sorts....the thinking....that people are "either or"...like a Half instead of a WHOLE.....doesn't make any sense....

Reminds me of a funny, fun, serious question:

What Hand Are You?

When people first started asking me this...i was proud to have picked One Hand over the Other Hand....and then some time and space had expanded....and a Question emerged:

WHY WOULD I PICK ONE HAND OVER THE OTHER HAND as to create an Identity of myself as like how I handle things with my Hand(s)?

Am I (k)not two Handed?
Perhaps my hands are in knots when and as I think of myself as one handed when in fact by virtue of my birth I am designed as a two handed man!

It's interesting how we create FRAME with our Words and so to Our World. I think reading is a multidimensional experience of fun, funny, and serious. There's so many heart strings to the sounds that are sown with and as the music that is Life/Structure.

It's interesting how we create ourselves with our participations here. I mean the meaning in words, thoughts, and deeds ---> really encapsulate the brevity of the "YouManExperience". It's interesting beyond Interesting lol --> The Gift of Being Here.

The wordplay always all ways within and as EARTH = HeART...HEART.
To me this is an interesting shared point of Pulsing. Like we are all designed to PUMP EARTH HEART.

I've been thinking about How the Human Body is a Reflection of the Map of the World System in a variety of Ways...

Like for example;

HEART is the Money System of Earth. It's an interesting point of like Yo:

We're all 'Mediums of Exchange'

Multidimensionally connected/bonded/fused as 'Mediums of Exchange'.

I mean at the atomic level we are a gazillion cells put together in such a way as like the most grand concerto orchestra ever created...it's like on a micro level there is so much communication/information being pulsed always as the "RELAY/Broadcasting"...."PLAY" Here.

THE MACRO is WE the YOUMANBEING(s)...each being is an individual represenative of a countless number of viruses and bacteria. lol. funny, fun, seriously.

Scientists have guestimated that there's about 370 million viruses inside of our bodies and on our external surfaces at any given time! Kind of a fascinating point of regards when we consider the political rhetoric of going about monitoring and counting the changes that occur in the body from moment to moment.....I mean practically speaking....some times too much diagnostic testing misses the point....Ironically when we become too sided as like Sway one way versus the other way....we can sometimes create blindspots into our best visionary capacity...

We Got a Right Brain and a Left Brain.
We Got a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern

Each Hemisphere of the Brain can subdivided 4 ways:

  1. Frontal
  2. Parietal
  3. Occipital
  4. Temporal Lobe

The 4 subdivisions of Brain make me think of How in Mapping the Earth we utilise:

  1. North
  2. South
  3. EAST
  4. West

Got's me thinking about the Water and the Ice as We Got 2 Extreme Circles:


What I find interesting about the Circle(s) is how they're kind of like the Right and Left Hemisphere of Brain....in that they're kind of the same, buuuut also totally different...and they're connected in that they're both integral parts to the whole makeup of Earth Here.

Temperature is like the Art of Pressure Controls. I've come to appreciate and regard the earth as a grand recycling center of sorts....the "Perfect Storm" so to Speak....like we're in a Perpetual Motion Machine as Sound Itself.

Body = Physical Hardware
Mind = Physical Software
Being = Physical Operator

What I've noticed and come to understand about myself and my relationship with words/sounds is the Structural Resonance that I associate with/as words.

What is interesting I've come to appreciate is just how nuanced the intricacies of sound itself are within and as the Framing of Speaking Words into Existence...as like the internal shared outwardly with the external world....

The point of Distinction within as as the Spoken/Written Word is always in the ability to LISTEN/FEEL the transference/exchange.

Striking a Chord in a way - always as each moment is the Here and Now of our Being Pulsing Who We're in and as the Moment. What is funny, fun and serious to me about the moment itself is that Mom is always all ways within and as the Moment ---> as it is impossible to spell Moment without Mom ----> which to me breeds creedence and resilience for the very elementary live birth process that is happpening in and as each and every moment! haha ----> Maaaaybe a bit of a stretch. I've heard labor is a laborious process lol.

Emotion and Feeling within and as the Frequency/Resonance of our Body/Being/Mind...

I've been postulating that our human speech is relative to the State-of-Our-Heart in that emotion and feeling is like the 'temperature' to our EXPERIENCE.

It's an interesting point to me....Temperature....
As....it is a point of "STRESS/PAIN" at the Extreme Ends of Polarity.....the Deep Burn of Fire and Ice.

It's soo fascinating to me....because it's like in the Subteness of our movements/reactions/reflections/pulsing/breathing that we really FEEL and the experience is always TOUCHING.

is a Fun, Funny, Serious Saying to Me...
It's DEEP Self-Reflection,
A SLOW DOWN Playing on Words for a moment,
Stimulating the Exclamation,
"Separation is the Illusion as All Life Connected and Bonded Here."

Keeping on the Temperature point for a moment:
Both Hot and Cold Temperatures are utilized as stressors to support health and wealth in well being. Profundity in that it doesn't take a lot of effort to experience the Royal Spa Treatment with the self-directed management of the temperature controls for optimum therapeutic relax and regeneration.

Exercise is an interesting point of Expression/Meaning/Reasoning,
I mean our body is designed to move and work without needing to really think about the order of operations in like how the heart manages responsibilities and how all the cells are communicating to each other....man...

We're physical...so like exercise to me is Inate...is like the self-expression that emerges in and as each and every moment as our CHOICE.

I think I will need to come back to this posting and EXPAND on a number of things Here....Buuuut I wanted to make a starting go of writing out some of my internal brew ha ha ---> As the very liking to write and read myself here ----> for myself and for anyone who finds enjoyment in reading me here.

NOTE to Self on the HANDS POINT...

The Word "VORTEX" as a point of future writing regards.

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