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Our World is the "Science" of the Time(s). It's an interesting observation of sorts, as Our "World" - the very wording, the spelling - always, all ways includes inside of it, the "Word" - Which to me is quite extraordinary for a Worldly Perspective as When we really think about things:

Our World(s) is the "science" of our Word(s).

Science to me is an interesting Word in and of Itself.

Science sounds and looks like the "Signs and Symbols" we use here as the Very Language of SOUND Itself Here.

What's interesting to me is how we Relate as the various "Science(s) Here as Our World of Words.

The Question periodically arises:

Are/Our Word(s) Alive?!

note; a question mark and an exclamation mark together makes an 'interrobang' which is an interesting expression/sign/symbol in and of Itself.

This LASSECASH platform is super interesting to me as it seems like it is the best platform for content creators who want to actually do some writing from the perspective of being an individual who wants to share cool public discourse.

Before beginning my 1st blog here, I was asking myself the question:

What does "Anarchy" mean to me?!

I then asked myself:

What is a current, commonly accepted definition of the word "anarchy" if I simply type the word into 'google'.

The result of my google search,
brought forth:

Anarchy: "A state of disorder due to abscence or non-recognition of authority."

Upon looking at the base definition here,
I asked myself:

Is there anything more here?!
I thought to myself:

The way the base definition of anarchy is's like there's a polarization in and as the word/meaning of Authority Itself.....buuuuut before I go on a Tangent about Authority and the Author within and as Life Itself Here from the micro to the macro,

The Word Play,
And Dare I say,
The Living Words to Anarchy are in and as the the Quest I On.

For it is Funny, Fun, and a Serious solution of sorts into the Dynamics of "Anarchy"....the REASON IN FACT....the very WHY in Which WE ACT/PLAY...

OK..Maybe it's because the Earth is FLAT?!

Anarchy as "An ARCH Y(why)"

An ARCH always all ways has an ARC within itself.

randomly...yet seemingly quite specifically...I ask myself:

What's the symbolism to the "Arch of the Covenant"
The rhetoric or sorts is not aparent...let me google a baseline definition to play/look/work with

Ok, wow ---> We got kind of a fun bigtime definition here for "Arc of the Covenant" as it appears easily on google:

Arch of the's actually spelt, "ARK of the Covenant",

"The most sacred relic of the Israelites. It consisted of a pure gold-covered wooden chest with an elaborate lid called the Mercy seat. The Arc is described in the Book of Exodus as containing the two stone tablets of the ten commandments."

What comes into my brain now as Reflection Synthesis,

Y(why) is always all ways in and as the E(Y)E of the BeHolder.

Makes me think ----> Eye of the Needle....and what we Think is "The Ink"

Also the significance of HODL - which is in itself "CRYPTO" centric speech to the fundamentals in which creates and substantiates the commnunity network effects of Holding and Growing Value(s) from a starting point frame work of Living Princples.

To me our Living in and as Principles, our 'Life Maxims' so to speak --> the blueprint(s) to our practicality in 'Living Words'---> the frame working Architechture in which we BUILD our Lives in this World within and as the practical usage of our Words.

To me this is the "science of Awesome"...the "awe-so-me" within and as the experience of both the Participant and the Observer ----> Together One and Equal as always all ways both the OBJECT and the SUBJECT ----> the interoperability of Life itself is SOUND Itself Here...which ironically is rooted in and as the SOUND(s) of Silence.

Excuse me if my writing is difficult to read ---> i've developed a real aperture/appetite/thirst for WORDPLAY.

PUNNY to Me is a multidimensional mix of three base ingredients:


Perhaps this is why PUN(s) are often touted as being the HIGHEST FORM OF HUMOR.

Indeed the "DEED" inside of "Indeed" pun-fu-ninja-ways....create the conditions of SWAY in terms of seeing the TERMS and CONDITIONS as like the very MECHANICS/MATHEMATICS of WORDS to Our WORLD.




Real IT y(why).

So often when I think of "IT",
I think:

"IT = Internet Technology"
Which, to me, is,
a Fun, Funny, Serious,
Reflection into the multidimensional nature of the Universe Itself.

Like Each individual from the micro to macro has got an ARC of Horizon so to Speak. A stretch maybe, lol, because it's fun to creatively direct our movement/momentum/direction.

"UNIVERSE" sounds and feels like the "YOU and I Verse".

Which is Fascinating beyond interesting WOW to Me...because when I think about the 'makeup' of my human/'YouMan' Anatomy at a molecular/cellular the base functionality of our 'cells'....our Cells core expression is in and as "Information Relayers"...

For me this is quite the wow of sorts because the fabric/heArt of our cells - the essence so to speak that makes up our whole body being and mind here is a very sophisticated high tech quantum like computer that 'Resonates'.

For the Crypto inclined...Pulse is new era World Infrastructure to support a new era of Capital Formation. Investigate and keep what's good.

What a "Novelty" of FRAME.

Gots me thinking:

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word is with and as God."

The word God is a Pun on and as the word DOG.
Perhaps this is Why,
"DOG" is known to be Man's "BEST FRIEND".
Funny. Fun. Serious.

I like to JEST.
I find it to be steeped in and as an openess and appreciation to the ACT of LEARNING through Participation.

I think Learning is the Epitome of PLAY ITSELF. Natural intuitive nature.

Sometime ago,
I thought to myself:

The "Planet" is a "Play Net"..and Creation is the story and scientific method of "PLAN IT"...

I've questioned my reasoning for Being Here,

It's to Play and Share what's Working. Solution oriented.


Everything is CRYPTO!

This to me --> encapsulates the Funny, Fun, and Seriousness of our(cells)/ourselves HERE.


Let's look at the beginning of "Bitcoin"...It emerged as a the FRUIT of all the past work towards solutions in achieving consensus/agreement on 'digital money/property' without requiring an intermediary to give permission...where TRUST can Exist, in spite of knowing bad actos exist ---> birthing a TRUSTLESS Network of Sorts....

THE Profundity of TRUST,
Everything substantial Here in and as our World is a result of and as TRUST...

TRUST is a point of Vitality.

countless number of applications.

I've been postulating in round about ways the "sway" that exists within and as Language/Science/Sound/Pulse/HeArt of Our Life/Matter/Energy HERE.

TRUTH and TRUST are bonded/fused together in our Heart of ART.

It's fascinating to me,

Patience is a Virtue that enables Ourselves/Our-cells to Experience Timeless Virtuoso. (FLOW STATE of HeART/ARTiculation)

Best Practice PLAY is only possible with Patience.
Funny. Fun. Serious.
Life is Awesome when and as I "KISS---> Keep it Simple Stupid".


Everything is Crypto.
There's so many dimensions to Everything.

The Irony of Governance and Government is quite the profundity always as Each Individual in and as our Sound Movement Expressions shapes and sculpts the Very Shared Holographic Projection Here as Our Collective Collaboration as the Externalization of Our Internal Landscapes/Gardens.


1st base point about BLOCKCHAINS that really became quite apparent to me:

AGREEMENTS without the need for a monopoly on violence.


INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY and Property Rite(s) of Expression.

A New Era of Creative CAPITAL FORMATION.

PARADIGM SHIFT from Cronny Capitalism to,
---------> EQUAL MONEY CAPITALISM, rooted in the principle of, "ONE MAN, ONE VOTE"....SKIN IN THE GAME.

TRUTH ----> Accountability breeds Dignified Living.

This Blogging Account aims to encourage:

Aspiration. Grace. Eloquence.

  • Life Awe-so-me-nest.

TOP 5 Favorite Crypto as of Today:

  1. HEX
  2. PULSE
  3. PulseX


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Life is the PLAY that is always addressed TO: DAY. A Day is a Lifetime ---> ENJOY Always All Ways BEST!